Giveaway: Yale Easy Fit Alarm… No Wires, No Fuss!

Easy Fit Telecommunication Alarm Package

The Competition is now closed and the winner is:



Many thanks to all those who entered!


As you may know from my previous post I do have slight OCD when it comes to security! Fitting an alarm to your house is one of the easiest and most simple forms of home security. Installing an alarm is so much easier than you would expect, especially with the Yale Easy Fit Alarm priced at £219.00.

Yale have a fantastic range of home security systems and home burglar systems.

There is no need to worry about marking walls, laying cables or even hiring a qualified electrician to install the security device. The steps are very simple and all instructions are included.

Alarm can be fitted in 3 easy steps

  1. Enter the time, phone number and PIN number
  2. Just fit the wirefree sensors where you want
  3. Test it for peace of mind with our Easiest Testing Facility
  4. That’s it! You’re ready to go!

For a chance to win a Yale Easy Fit Alarm System simply leave a comment below and tell me who does the DIY in your house!  

For a second entry Tweet and leave a comment below for your tweet to count: ‘I could be a @SimsLifeBlog Yale Winner’
The giveaway will end at 10pm on Monday 11th February 2012. Entries after this time and date will not be counted.
Terms and Conditions
UK only.  No automated or bulk entries permitted.  Maximum of two entries per entrant.
 • The winners will be drawn at random from all the correct entries, and only they will be contacted personally. Prize must be taken as stated and cannot be deferred. There will be no cash alternatives.
• Yale and Sim’s Life do not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to the Internet or email problems. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Entrants must supply full details as required on the competition page, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prizes.
• No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.
• Unless otherwise stated, the giveaway is not open to employees of: (a) the Company; and (b) any third party appointed by the Company to organise and/or manage the giveaway; and (c) the giveaway sponsor(s).
• This competition is a Yale Security Device promoted by Sim’s Life.  Sim’s Life decision is final in every situation and no correspondence will be entered into. Sim’s Life reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.
• Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this giveaway.
• Prizes unclaimed after  10 days will be deemed to have been forfeited and Sim’s Life reserves the right to either offer the prize to the entrant whose name is next drawn at random.



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448 thoughts on “Giveaway: Yale Easy Fit Alarm… No Wires, No Fuss!

  1. My husband does all the DIY :)

  2. My husband does some DIY but usually it’s my father.

  3. I normally have to pay and get someone in to do it, my hubby never does it!

  4. kathleen hooper says:

    my husband loves DIY (thankfully!)

  5. I rope in my brother to do my DIY and if that fails I do it myself….badly :)

  6. Natalie Gower says:

    I attempt to . . . but never goes to well

  7. Natalie Gower says:

    I tweeted

  8. Most of the time me – except for drilling holes that’s my husbands realm
    Louise recently posted…It is nomination time!My Profile

  9. My father in law tends to do it. My husband doesn’t have a clue which normally isn’t a problem because we rent. However it would be nice if he knew how to a least hang a picture :0)

  10. Sharon Hughes says:

    my husband does all the diy…………..then we have to get someone else in to fix his attempt…..

  11. My hubby attempts things then I call in proper trades people!

  12. My husband is brilliant at DIY but I’m hopeless & cause the most damage.

  13. My husband

  14. I do all the DIY

  15. I do all the DIY in the house with the exception of plumbing and electrics. Things like painting the children love helping with too, they have to learn sometime

  16. Me cause I dont trust my husband!

  17. my husband do all DIY

  18. I do all the DIY in this house!

  19. My husband does all the DIY

  20. It’s all me.

  21. Big Jock Kent says:

    Master Bates

  22. It’s actually my mum as my dad is so impatient he gets nothing done and ends up blaming the product itself or the ‘poor’ instructions as he would say.

  23. Mike Hodgkinson says:

    My girlfriend does the D.I.Y in our house.
    I’ve ruined too many things, so I’m not allowed anymore!

  24. Catherine Owen says:

    Me, im the only adult here!

  25. For very basic jobs I do them, however anything more than this I get my mate to do it.

  26. Tweeted. Thanks.


    The husband, if I did it the house would explode.

  28. Anthony Clarke says:

    I do all the DIY which is why I hope that the walls won’t fall down when I attach an alarm box to it.

  29. Martyn Thompson says:

    I do all the DIY – but I know my limits !

  30. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My step dad is a builder, but as he’s a bit of a ‘bodger’ I ask my mum to help with most DIY situations hehe :)

  31. My boyfriend – but my dad checks! :-)


    My partner does it – badly, I normally try and rectify it only to make it worse – and we end up getting a professional in to fix our mess!

  33. Happily my husband is an absolute DIY wizard.


  35. I do most DIY with some help from friends and rellies.

  36. KELLY HANCOCK says:

    Me – Im the only one who bothers to try

  37. i have to pay somebody to do it

  38. My fiance

  39. I seem to do it all :(

  40. hubbie does it- im useless!

  41. Michelle Best says:

    Usually my Dad still comes round and does it – my husband is not that handy!

  42. I’ll always give it a go, but sometimes need to bring in the professionals!

  43. Jacqui Miller says:

    Myself and believe me, I’m no expert but as I don’t have anyone to ask then I have to do the best I can (and have learnt remarkable patience in doing so lol), especially with 4 sons who always seem to find ways that require my ‘patience’.

  44. Me – my husband is terrible!

  45. My husband does the DIY

  46. I do, and to be honest I’ve always done it. I enjoy doing it and I don’t trust anyone else to do it!

  47. Lindsey Morris says:

    My hubby is great at the DIY, and I am great at tea making the perfect partnership

  48. my husband does all the DIY

  49. I do ALL DIY in my house (my son sometimes assist’s) but it’s mainly me :)

  50. sarah clarke-feltham says:

    my husband does the diy thank goodness

  51. i will have a go at basic things but we have a great friend who can do most things :)


  53. I’m a single mum and live with my parents so my dad does it all! Me and mum clean and cook and dad does the diy!

  54. Robert Turton says:

    I do the DIY at home….although not always that well, lol.

  55. A mixture of me and my other half, I will have a good go but if too difficult my other half will do it

  56. Tracey Belcher says:

    We do it together (cough cough) ok – the royal we ! My husband does most but I make the tea !

  57. I have tweeted @tracyknixon Thank you x

  58. Darren Bowden says:

    I do most of the DIY although my wife does help too

  59. Me and my Dad

  60. Hannah Oneill says:

    I do the DIY!

  61. Neil Molyneux says:

    I do the diy in the house because nothing would get done if I didn’t

  62. I do it – but there’s always something isn’t there !!!

  63. I try but usually my father in law makes it good!!

  64. I always used to do my own until I became disabled, now I use a great local family run firm

  65. Angela sandhu says:

    I call my dad!

  66. We usually get someone

  67. Ellie Bromilow says:

    both me and the man, we would work better as a team if he didnt moan and get stressed out by the mess though! x

  68. I do all the DIY! :)

  69. steve stewart says:

    Me, me, me- I do it all, and even b4 she nags me!!


  71. My husband does all our DIY – unless its gas related of course. :)

  72. No-one! But I am nagging the Hubster to start!

  73. Mostly me!

  74. My husband

  75. dad

  76. I do bacuase I wnat it done properly :)

  77. I would say myself and my partner share the DIY 50/50. He does the emergency stuff and I suddenly get it into my head to paint a room!

  78. MY SONS

  79. Shauna Ferguson says:

    My husband usually does, but he is trying to teach me so Im not so useless at it all!

  80. Isabell Stewart says:

    My partner does all the DIY – but not quietly! I tweeted @KatyCurrant

  81. Sandra Foster says:

    My husband does the hard bits and i do the rest, like any good marriage u play to strengths and share the load.x

  82. I do the DIY – then we get someone in to repair the damage I create

  83. My husband does most and I’m his goffer

  84. Me – and I’m a perfectionist!!

  85. Joseph Watson says:

    I do all of my own DIY

  86. My Wife does the DIY, my last attempt made me see the red mist and I took a Sledgehammer to our walk-in-wardrobe…so yeah…ive been banned from that.

  87. For better or worse i have a go!

  88. Anthony Foster says:

    I live on my own so i guess its me..

  89. Joseph Watson says:

    Tweeted @GameboyJoe

  90. David Carroll says:

    Got to own up depends on what it is, decorating & plastering my wife (too much patience needed for me)

  91. I do all the DIY in my house

  92. Brigitte Leprince says:

    I do the DIY in my house because my partner works abroad and nothing ever needs fixing when he is here in the UK!

  93. I do the DIY and I am quite good even if I do say so myself!

  94. I Do DIY and love a challenge!

  95. My husband

  96. Tracey Gilbert says:

    Anyone that is willing for free

  97. Rosemarie Dean says:

    I sometimes get help from my neighbour with my DIY but try to do what I can generally!

  98. I live alone and I do all my own DIY

  99. I do everything except plastering – hopeless at it!

  100. My boyfriend does all the DIY.

  101. Hubby does all the DIY :)

  102. ‘Tis me I’m afraid!

  103. My husband.

  104. I do and I quite enjoy doing it to be honest ;)

  105. I try to do it myself but always end up having to get my Dad to come over to help!

  106. I do most of the DIY in our house!

  107. Michaela Williams says:

    We do DIY together with my hubby, already spruced up half of our first house.
    Most recent job was taking our chimney breast in front room! Hard work, but amazing result, have huge living room now :-)
    You can do so much yourself these days, just have computer and google at hand :-)

  108. I do

  109. Its all me me me! :)

  110. I tweeted.

  111. Michael Clarke says:

    I do all the DIY

  112. Me, myself and I !! theres no one else here lol

  113. I do, I’ve been single for a long time and have got used to building my own shelving from scratch, tiling floors and walls, knocking down a 6 fireplace chimney breast and making good the floors and plastering the walls. I’ll try anything except electrics, gas and plumbing

  114. Oh I tweeted too

  115. My amazing Husband who has just renovated our new house with very minimal help!

  116. I have tweeted using the tweet button (hope that’s okay as it doesn’t say exactly the same thing as the competition tweet!?)


  117. Charles Harvey says:

    My missus does the decorating and DIY. . she’s brill !!

  118. I end up doing it all!

  119. i try to do the DIY in my house!!!

  120. Barrie Phillips says:


  121. always the wife!

  122. tweeted

  123. Do it all myself!

  124. my husband does the diy, if its painting though i will help and do the gloss work

  125. suzanna gentle says:

    Me!! I do all the DIY after I’ve finished the nursing, teaching, cooking and cleaning. Jack of all trades :)

  126. I’m useless and end up paying to put right what I’ve done wrong

  127. Kathleen Marsden says:

    I have always done the usual DIY jobs, but for the larger things I have to get the professionals in as my husband wouldn’t even know how to wire a plug

  128. I do or else nothing would ever get done :/

  129. Michelle Heffer says:

    My Dad does all the DIY!

  130. Tracey Boswell says:

    I do all the DIY my OH is not too good at it.

  131. My husband does quite a bit but he can’t manage to do anything without someone to hold the ladder, steady anything he’s cutting, pass things to him or paint the fiddly bits while he is doing the large areas. Then of course he doesn’t expect to clear up any of the mess.

  132. Husband and I always did the DIY but these days we have to get ‘a little man’

  133. tweeted @VJeanBrown

  134. Always my good lady

  135. anthony harrington says:


  136. Anthony Bravender says:

    I do the DIY in our house

  137. My boyfriend does it

  138. ‘im indoors does the diy

  139. I do it myself and still love it :)

  140. Hugh McLaughlin says:


  141. my partner he seems to be able to turn his hand to anything diy

  142. both me and my husband do it i’m best at building the flat pack furniture

  143. My husband and I together

  144. I do,wife doesnt know waht DIY stands for,…..

  145. My husband

  146. It used to be my husband until he became a bit infirm. Now, I have a go at decorating and simple plumbing but usually end up employing a tradesman!

  147. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I do most of it, the hubby is not very handy.

  148. Husband

  149. Me. Although I wish it wasn’t.

  150. Have to be honest, definately my husband!

  151. My husband mainly, but I do some

  152. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    my hubby loves DIY and lucky for me he is very good

  153. jennifer thorpe says:

    my hubby :-)

  154. Lynn Blakeman says:

    Hubby calls his dad and he comes over to do our diy!

  155. Hubby does most of the DIY (with my help) but I do most of the decorating :D

  156. Karen Barrett says:

    My Husband, although he is a builder and joiner :0)

  157. Karen Barrett says:


  158. Chris Maddocks says:

    I do the DIY, but my wife does the wallpapering, i don’t have the patience

  159. I do it when my wife threatens to pay someone to do it.

  160. cecelia Allen says:

    My builder husband does all the drilling and sawing and I put everything together, I also do all the painting, decorating and repairs but it is only because I have more patience

  161. I do the DIY with assistance (and direction!) from my lovely wife!

  162. My husband does the heavy stuff but I do the painting and hang wallpaper.

  163. Sarah Mcknight says:

    My OH always does the DIY, i don’t trust myself doing it, ha!

  164. I do the DIY in our house. Well I *try* to!

  165. Unfortunately, very little DIY gets done in our house – we usually have to pay someone to fix it if we try!

  166. Usually have to pay someone to do it.

  167. Elaine Taylor says:

    we do it together.

  168. Maureen Williams says:

    The nice man down the road.

  169. I’m the one who does all the diy

  170. Maureen Williams says:

    I tweeted @Compermo

  171. amanda heilbron says:

    Luckily my husband is quite handy and does a lot of diy in the house

  172. sian hallewell says:

    I do all the DIY at my house, sometimes with the aid of my daughter (she’s much stronger, so helps when I need a bit of muscle!)

  173. It’s a shared task in our household…both myself and husband (though anything intricate I do or it’ll end up in pieces or with paint over the edges!)

  174. I do it with the Mrs giving the orders.

  175. Split between my girlfriend and i.

  176. Its a joint effort from myself and my partner..well at least I like to think so it usually consists of me dictating and him doing hehe.

  177. Rob Winkfield says:

    Me if I can!

  178. I do/make/build everything and then my wife paints it.

  179. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    It’s all me, I tell you!

  180. Hazel Christopher says:

    I do most the DIY in my house but do get my dad to do things I can’t manage :)

  181. Mike Smithson says:

    I do all the diy in my house im rated pretty bad to bad at it

  182. My husband

  183. both myself and my wife between us we can do most diy

  184. I must be the only husband on here….!

  185. I do the simplest of bits myself but need to call in the experts for the rest :)

  186. Tweeted @lastkiss5 :) x

  187. Heather Knotts says:

    Me and my husband usually do the DIY together, we both enjoy it

  188. My Partner

  189. I do all the DIY. My wife just criticises the results

  190. Most of the time it’s me, although my son is in training!

  191. My partner does it, then my dad comes and does it properly :)

  192. GILLIAN CORBITT says:

    Other half does all the DIY

  193. A friend helps out

  194. Ummm…………my dad comes over to do all our DIY………but he is a carpenter so he’s much better than myself and my husband

  195. dave johnston says:

    Me Of Course !

  196. Stephen Scott says:

    I start the DIY but usually have to call my Dad to finish it!! ;-)

  197. Unfortunately for my wife and me, I do the DIY. Anyone can do their own DIY, it’s just takes for bloody ever!! Bought a project house almost 2 years ago and I’ve still got so much left to do. And seeing it was I who convinced the mrs to get the project and said I could do it all up myself, it’s safe to say she’s not a happy bunny (and now a very pregnant bunny at that!).

  198. i do all the diy inside – hubby does the outside jobs

  199. I do the DIY

  200. It’s a joint effort in our house. We’re both quite handy and actually quite enjoy it, which friends and family find a bit odd!

  201. Always my husband…I wouldn’t dare attempt myself!

  202. my hubby would like to say him but its my dad!

  203. Hubby does most of it because he enjoys it, but I can do it if I needed to ;o)

  204. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    My hubby reckons he’s the expert, but I end up doing most of it!

  205. My husband does try bless him, but DIY is not his forté, so it tends to be his friend H who does the DIY in our house.
    Rachel Gully recently posted…WiW – Week 1My Profile

  206. My husband is our diy-er!

  207. Natalja Popsujeva says:

    My hubby

  208. Svetlana Lemantovic says:


  209. my husband and I work on it together. He does all the major stuff, and I do the donkey work.

  210. Great Prize.
    I do all the dit at home

  211. We share the DIY in our house; I like painting the woodwork and my hubbie enjoys the emulsioning, perfect pairing, neither of us can put up shelves though

  212. I’ve tweeted too

  213. I do it

  214. I do or else we would be living in mayhem and madness :/

  215. I do my best to do it as cannot afford to pay people.

  216. Alfie Davidson says:

    I do as much DIY as I can but for large or complicated jobs I call on the services of my brothers-in-law. One is a builder, one a carpenter and one an electrician :)

  217. My hubbie and I work together – aah – he does the lion’s share and I make the tea!

  218. I ‘try’ to do the DIY & normally do a okay job after a good google.

  219. Gary Bartlett says:

    If i want it done right, it’s me that has to do the DIY in are house. lol

  220. Janice Broomfield says:

    I do it all myself whilst my husband does the shopping and cooking ;-)

  221. my clever hubby

  222. I used to do most of it but my son helps out a lot these days!

  223. Well if you want something done – yes I now do it all myself.

  224. I do it all and i dont do a bad job either.

  225. Jesse Partington says:

    I do it all – at least the jobs I can do.

  226. My husband does the DIY

  227. Jeffrey Willis says:

    I do !

  228. Heather Walsh says:

    I usually have to do it but i’m not very good

  229. Heather Walsh says:

    I tweeted

  230. I do all the DIY…Daddy gets invited round if it’s too difficult though!

  231. Judith Leadbetter says:

    i,m very lucky, my son does most of my diy for me

  232. I do as much as I can !

  233. I do, or it doesn’t get done!

  234. Diana Semionova says:

    Me and my partner, friendly ;D

  235. I do the DIY in our house but wish I was a little more patient and better at it.

  236. I do the DIY….

  237. Suzanne sendell says:

    I do most of It but electrical and gas related things I call in the professionals

  238. I normally do the DIY. It’s quite satisfying when I done.

  239. Michael Finch says:

    I do all the DIY!!

  240. Myself!

  241. Me, hubby does’nt have a clue

  242. I do all the DIY in our house , from plugs to wireing up the Kids bedrooms up for internet access and decorating.

  243. Georgia Mcallister says:

    I do, my hubby supervises.

  244. its a joint effort in our house!

  245. My husband does all the DIY since I decided to paint our half tiles bathroom and used a full 2.5 ltr tin of paint :D

  246. Both me and my fiance do. BADLY! We are like a cross between the Chucklebrothers and Frank Spencer.

  247. My other half starts the DIY and I often end up having to finish it!!!

  248. My husband *starts* the DIY. And then I get a man in to finish it off.

  249. My Dad :-)

  250. I do it :-)

  251. My husband.

  252. Farhana Haque says:

    My husband tries but usually fails miserably!

  253. Farhana Haque says:

    I have tweeted @muslimahi

  254. we will be buying our first house on the coming months, but i am sure ill be doing all the DIY. This would be a fantastic addition to our first house

  255. We both do the DIY – it usually works out that hubby fixes things and I decorate!

  256. I have tweeted @Bookworm_Em

  257. I ask hubby to do diy but it normally ends up being left or me trying to attempt it. But if I have to ask more than once it’s classed as nagging !

  258. I do all the diy, wait for the hubby and it will never get done

  259. lynsey kirkwood says:

    the only DIY I do in the house is cook! Thes rest is left up to the other half!

  260. I have to do it

  261. My friends Kevin and Richard, because I’m rubbish at it!

  262. My mum (and she does a better job than my dad ever did!!)

  263. lorna garratt says:

    MY husband does all the DIY :)

  264. Lila B taylor says:

    My husband and I both do the DIY in our house :)

  265. My son does the DIY in our house. I would love to do it but just not got the ability.

  266. I do decorating, anything else I call my dad or brother in.

  267. Amanda Wakefield says:

    My husband does the DIY, although not always very well….

  268. I do with the help of the internet!

  269. vidhya ramasubramaniam says:

    my husband

  270. My hubby

  271. It is usually a joint effort in our house.

  272. My husband does the DIY

  273. Frances Heaton says:

    My husband does all the DIY, with me as his labourer

  274. Frances Heaton says:


    Twitter ID libra10001

  275. Frances Heaton says:

    Tweeted comments

    Twitter ID libra10001

  276. Christopher Bell says:

    It’s definately my wife that does the DIY – me? I’m hopeless and I’m not sure what my excuse is since my dad is a sparky and he loved DIY! I feel ashamed!!! ;)

  277. It’s a mixed effort. I do the painting, and he does the stuff that involves sharp tools and some precision!

  278. I do :)

  279. Jane Wainwright says:

    My Partner does our DIY but does take some persuading!!

  280. Sophie Hedley says:

    My dad and my brother share the duties!

  281. My partner does all the DIY

  282. My husband!

  283. My mum is the queen of DIY around here; she was a single super mum when I was growing up so had plenty of opportunities to perfect her skills. Although she does get a little bit too creative sometimes…

  284. Laura Williams says:

    My husband does all the DIY…. please let me win so I can give him something new to do, as he gets under my feet!!! :-P lol x
    Thanks for a great giveaway! :-)

  285. Usually my father in law, or me. My husband is useless!

  286. stephen holman says:

    i like to attempt DIY in our house and have had some success in fixing the front door & the tumbledryer but have had loads of disasters also so my partner tends to ring a handyman when im at work to come and fix things!!

  287. Claire Appleton says:

    My partner does all the DIY in our house, but it can take him a while to get round to it lol :)

  288. Amanda Barrett says:

    I try and when I mess it up I call in my Dad

  289. My partner does everything except for the electrics,which i do ,he wont touch them as he’s frightened of shocks lol

  290. My husband, although I do try where I can.

  291. my husband, a good handy man

  292. my lovely boyfriend does on the DIY, one of his many attractions!

  293. Mostly my partner but i always help and I enjoy it!

  294. I’ve tweeted @Hazelrush54

  295. My husband with me as dogs body and cleaner

  296. Florence Cross says:

    My other half does most of the DIY, with me helping as much as can.


    My 66 year old mum as I am useless at DIY

  298. Unfortunately it would be me, if I ask hubby it would never get done!

  299. Rebecca Thomas says:

    I have to hire someone in… for everything!!!

  300. My husband. Fortunately he a) seems to enjoy it and b) is good at it. Because I am as useless as can be!

  301. Jackie Harrison says:

    My husband does the DIY

  302. I do!

    Tweeted: @itsmewhome

  303. My partner usually but i do give it a go when i can

  304. My partner does all the DIY and I do all the cleaning up afterwards!


    my sister does the diy in our house

  306. Trish Ormerod says:

    I do what I know how to and my husband does the rest

  307. Trish Ormerod says:

    Have tweeted too @RockKittyChick

  308. My wife – I’m rubbish at it!!

  309. it depends on what it is, if i can do it i will, if not my husband does it

  310. My Husband, although I like try the odd task

  311. I do the DIY

  312. mark fairhurst says:

    Well, its me that usually does everything, sometimes get help from the father :)

  313. Kirsty Richards says:

    My dad comes round to do it hes very good at DIY!

  314. Karen Railton says:

    my husband but always takes an age to finish

  315. My flatmate does all the DIY!

  316. lucinda duxbury says:

    my other half does our DIY

  317. i do it

  318. me mostly but my partner clare is better at some thing than i am as she has more patients

  319. I do it. You’re supposed to, or it can’t be do it yourself can it ? :)

  320. My partner and I both do the DIY in our house

  321. I do most of the DIY at my house apart from the heavy jobs that I start and then he has no choice but to finish!

  322. Lorraine Wilson says:

    i do most of it xx

  323. Have tweeted @lisajholroyd

  324. shailesh lathia says:

    I have to do it all!

  325. I have a go but with the backup of my dad.

  326. I have a go but with the backup of my dad.

  327. I am no good at it but I am responsible (until it breaks) for DIY

  328. My Husband does all the DIY, i usually have to hold the ladder!!

  329. Deborah Wheeler says:

    I phone my brother

  330. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My husband :)

  331. I do it – very badly – and then my husband coems along and puts everything right again!

  332. my husband!

  333. I do a bit of DIY but get bored easily, so I make my husband do it!

  334. Its little old me :)

  335. Jacqui Carman says:

    I do all the DIY in our house.

  336. Anne MacKenzie says:

    My other half does the DIY – of course he would say there’s nothing he can’t do!

  337. Syvlvia Lomax says:

    I am the one who knows how to do the DIY in our house but my husband is the one with the strength needed to do most of the jobs.

  338. Honora Livesey says:

    I do most the smaller diy tasks, but I do have to ask Dad for tips before hand and he assists with the bigger jobs around the house. This sounds a fab alarm kit and easy to set up.

  339. Honora Livesey says:

    Tweeted @puddy_love for an extra entry

  340. Mostly my partner as I’m not very good with the DIY!

  341. Darren Berwick says:

    My wife to be convinced me she was great at DIY – been married for nearly ten years now and it turns out I do it myself…

  342. I’ve used Youtube and the internet to help me but mostly I have to hire someone in … might invest in some evening classes :)

  343. i do all the DIY, hubby has got better but !

  344. Heather Jenkinson says:

    The DIY is shared between hubby and me, he does the tall bits and I do the small bits!

  345. claire fawkner says:

    My other half does all the DIY

  346. in my vocabulary d.i.y. stands for don’t involve yourself so i leave it to the wife !!

  347. Lindsey Clydesdale says:

    I do all of the DIY as I’m the only adult in teh family

  348. Tom Willcocks says:

    I do the DIY in the house……….not very well in the slightest but at least I try!

  349. Lorraine Anderson says:

    My husband does the majority and I’m his labourer

  350. Christine Mutter says:

    My husband does the DIY – and when he does we all know about it!

  351. jonathan reed says:

    I do the diy in our house so that’s not saying much

  352. My partner Darren does the DIY although hes not very good at it! Mind you hes better than me!

  353. My dad and father in law do some bits and the rest is done by whoever we get in. I don’t really trust my other half to do much.

  354. Michelle Ptak says:

    My husband, Richard does all the DIY, I am absolutely clueless!!

  355. Me! There’s no man in my life currently so I’ve had to learn to get things done myself.

  356. my husband trys…. my father in law trys too!!!

  357. Hubby does it all, and ropes me in to help occasionally

  358. My husband does all the diy

  359. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    We bicker – because we each want to do it

  360. Joanne Crosby says:

    My youngest daughter is starting to take on a lot of the DIY jobs in our house x

  361. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    We both do a bit in our house! Team! :)

  362. says:

    My father inlaw helps a lot with the DIY

  363. I live on my own, so the DIY is all down to me.

  364. Danny Dewhurst says:

    Great comp, i try to do the diy but often need someone to sort out my mess lol

  365. My husband tries, but I’m thinking of taking it over!

  366. My husband or my dad!

  367. Elizabeth Wilder says:

    Unfortunately it’s me and it shows! :o(

  368. My man likes to think he does all the DIY – in truth I go round & ‘fix’ everything he accomplishes ;)

    PS, North West Bloggers rule :D
    Jo Kelly recently posted…The BAFTAs according to MsBlue (and my 5 children)!My Profile

  369. ME!!!!! other half is useless lol

  370. Have also tweeted :)

    @MrsD_Winchester x
    Jo Kelly recently posted…An Introduction to the Mad House!My Profile


  372. My father does the My DIY for me as i’m as much use as chocolate firegaurd ( According to my Fiance anyway lol)!!!

  373. My partner as im hopeless at DIY

  374. I do all the DIY in our house. I’m better at it than my Husband and he doesn’t mind me saying so :)

    I have tweeted
    and I follow you also

  375. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    I do all of the DIY and it’s made a LOT easier with your website let me tell you!

  376. Mainly me, other half helps now and again!! I really like doing it – it takes me an eternity to do stuff because I am a bit of a perfectionist but worth it in the end!

  377. my hubby does the DIY in our house, with my 2 little boys watching usually!

  378. My Dad lol because me and my hubby are useless! haha must be a generation thing. also tweeted @clairaay xx

  379. My husband does the DIY, he’s no Handy Manny but he muddles through

  380. I do all the research and the groundwork (including the nagging) and my husband eventually does the work!

  381. Tweeted the message @Happyelf_Sue

  382. Corinne Harvey says:

    My husband but he’s no good at it!!

  383. My Husband does what he can and then we get someone else in who knows what they are doing.

  384. me unfortunatley

  385. me and my daughter – girl power in our house!

  386. I would love to say my husband, but alas it is generally me lol

  387. David Partridge says:

    I do it all myself although not the best.

  388. My darling husband does all the diy..

  389. Emma Boitoult says:

    My boyfriend does it but I try to help out where I can and I watch and learn! :)

  390. Emma Boitoult says:

    Have tweeted about the giveaway @duckard12

  391. Angie Hoggett says:

    my dad, he refuses to let me!

  392. Mostly joint efforts

  393. Jane Middleton says:

    I am usually better at DIY because I have more patience.

  394. Hubby does all DIY with the help of his able assistant – me!

  395. My husband does the DYI!!!

  396. depends – I am better at some things and vice versa. I tend not to be good at things that involve unblocking :-D

  397. tweeted @minerva12345

  398. samantha roberts says:

    I do all the DIY in our house. My partner likes to take his time doing things so I would rather get on and have a crack myself at least. Ok some of the blinds are somewhat wonky but you’d never know from outside and the curtain pole is held up by no nails glue but hey its working!

  399. My husband does all the DIY on our home :)

  400. I do most of the DIY and when I don’t do it, I tidy the mess left by my wife after she’s done some DIY!!

  401. I always did the DIY in our house but now I am disabled and can only manage very easy tasks. We now tend to leave things as far as possible then pay for jobs that have to be done.
    Trevor Wood recently posted…Keep Warm, Fed and Watered.My Profile

  402. We are all a bit rubbish so usually hire someone to do it for us :-(

  403. get somebody in to do DIY

  404. Caroline James says:

    I do the DIY round here :)

  405. Shirley Harpley says:

    The one who wears the trousers does our DIY. I’d like to say it’s me, but have to admit it’s my hubby!

  406. me of course, then the handyman comes over to fix my bodge up

  407. I do the DIY, but its not great!! – Hey atleast I am honest!

  408. Lorraine Foster says:

    My husband attempts to do the DIY in our house.

  409. jennie jackson says:

    My boyfriend – im useless!

  410. Mark Fridlington says:

    I tend to do all the DIY in our house

  411. A combination of both of us, depending on our skills

  412. DAVID OCONNOR says:

    I am very lucky in that both my dad and father in law are very handy and help us out a lot with DIY. I am a complete novice but still do bits.

  413. Peter Hopkins says:

    I myself do the DIY around my household.

  414. lindsey philpot says:

    My dad does all the DIY and no i don’t live with him :) my husband is just useless!

  415. lisa williams says:

    I try to do as much DIY in out house, but if in doubt then i call the odd job man

  416. kayleigh dudley says:

    my boyfriend does most of the DIY, but my dad is a huuuge help

    also tweeted @kayke_Dee

  417. Me, Me and sometimes me.

  418. My husband

  419. Both of us

  420. I do all of the DIY in my house, unless it’s electrical or plumbing then it’s the professionals!

  421. Lyndsay Walsh says:

    Me, I live on my own, so if I didn’t do it, nobody would :)

  422. Caroline Toner says:

    I try most things and only call in the experts if necessary

  423. Rosemary Drummond says:

    My husband to be

  424. my hubby :)

  425. Cheryl Lovell says:

    My hubby :)

  426. WE both share it equally or if all else fails we call the builder :)

  427. My other half and myself share the duties.

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