Introducing The New Man In My Life

Earlier today, I announced on Twitter that I would be introducing my latest squeeze to the world. Well, prepare yourselves lovelies as he is one hot piece of stuff!

I even think that 99.9% of you will actually recognise him. Yes, I am extremely lucky to be chilling with ‘the’ Sir Tom Jones… he of the very deep voice fame… growllllll!

It’s not unusual for women to throw themselves at him and I am very protective of him… he is a one woman man, sorry ladies! Though it is a bit odd that he likes to cook in the buff…


Tom is one very cheeky, frisky man indeed and he even shocks me! He weirdly has a cagoule which he wears when he is out and about… he was very chivalrous and let me borrow it in case I spilled any wine over myself on a recent night out. Sir Tom is ever so thoughtful and the perfect gent…image2
*Ok, obviously Tom is only a cardboard cut out and currently resides with the wonderful Jenny who is reviewing as part of a blog collaboration with Celebrity CutOuts. I am hoping to actually find a more realistic, younger gentleman who possibly likes to cook with his clothes on… and DOES NOT own a cagoule of any sort… nor white washed slim fit jeans!! Mhmmm it may just be easier to stick with Tom Jones!

37 thoughts on “Introducing The New Man In My Life

  1. Karen Hannah says:

    You are nuts! I hope you find a Tom-a-like soon. Only younger.

  2. Brilliant, that’s hilarious! :D

  3. Younger you say – you will pleased to know that they also do Justin Bieber ;)

    • LOL!! Didn’t Mark Wahlberg recently tell the Bieber to start pulling his pants up?! I am not in cougar territory just yet :P x

  4. Hahaha….great post, maybe next time you should try a bigger kagoule :p

    • Hey… you brought it around you cheeky git!! Not my fault you brought one of the kids ‘cags’ around with you! It suited tom perfectly though! :) xx

  5. We had a Boba Fett cut out at uni. We used to stand it at the top of the stairs in our flat to scare off burglars. I reckon Tom Jones would be scarier.

  6. Well, at least Tom wouldn’t answer back!

  7. oh how cool! and funny! I love Tom Jones no matter what! Cardboard or in real life!

  8. I would very happily stand him in front of the stereo with What’s New Pussycat and Delilah belting out!

    • We *may* just have sung all the songs we could remember… very loudly… like ‘I am in no way shape or form sober’ volume – the best cut out ever!x

  9. You bloody crazy woman! That photo of you cupping Tom Jones has got me snorting!!! GENIUS!

    • LOL!! I seriously couldn’t resist – there are others floating around of me snogging him… glass in hand naturally!! :P x

  10. Best kind of man to have – silent and always where you left him!!

  11. Bonkers! My husband and I met in Tom’s hometown, OH’s student digs backed onto Tom’s old family home but you have seen him in a whole other light! *laughing*

  12. Haha nut job! I absolutely love it. Tom looks scarily real in the very first picture. I was actually wondering how the hell you’d managed to make him wear THAT apron ;)

  13. Oh dear – my laptop may now be covered in tea after reading that post! You’re bonkers!!!!

  14. Oooh send him my way when you’re done lol

  15. Ha ha, for a split second I thought it was the REAL thing!

  16. you are, quite simply, bonkers. Which is why I love you so x

  17. And1moremeans5 says:

    Yummy I’m totes jealous x

  18. You are officially mental!!! x

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