How Much Will My Car Cost Me This Week?!

Let’s have a game of what is wrong with my car this week!!

Most recently I have had the MOT, Tax and had to pay for a new battery all within 3 weeks… just before Christmas. An absolute nightmare! Then, this morning… this weird orange light appeared…



Arrrrgh, what on earth does that mean? A quick cry for help to the bloke resulted in the words ‘Engine Management Failure…’ I am sure those are words that would freak most people out, not just me! So I did what I always do and phoned my trusty mechanic Adam who stated to take the car down immediately – it turned out, everything looked ok but there was a possibility the car needed a new oxygen sensor. I am sure that makes less sense to me than it does to you, oh lovely reader!

Everything was reset and I was told to drive around and see what happened. All was ok but 30 minutes later the same symbol appeared again. The short and curlies is I need to take the car in tomorrow for a new oxygen sensor… stupidly I did not ask how much this was actually going to cost me. Just before Christmas too! I think I may try my hand at some bingo at 888ladies this afternoon and see if I can have some luck!

I knew it was far too good to be true that the karma gods were being ridiculously kind to me recently!

At least I have already bought and stores 95% of the Christmas presents and the meat is all ready and waiting. My parents have been faffing around this week with regards to what vegetables they need to bring with them – so long as I have potatoes to make roasties with on the day then everything else is fine. Though with the clock ticking down until the imminent parental arrival on Sunday, I really do not have time to hibernate (unfortunately) so one must crack on and hope that the car actually starts when I need it again later!

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