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Someone has taken my Handbag!!!!

by S1m

Quinny Zapp Xtra


Oh what a day! If I had a time machine to rewind to 9am this morning I would use it as quick as a flash!

My day actually started out well with a fantastic bargain shop in Primark ready for our trip to Disneyland Paris! My daughter (LO) at this point was being well behaved and my shopping trip went like a dream!
On the way home I decided to call into the local mini Tesco and walked LO in there instead of getting her pram out of the car. This was my biggest mistake!

We started walking around, with LO attempting to carry the basket very unsuccessfully! All was going well until we stumbled across the brand new Pick N Mix stand that had been installed over the weekend. As we didn’t have any treats in the house I thought I would treat LO and myself to some cables, white mice etc, my mouth was watering just placing them in the tub! I had just put LO down whilst I was struggling to fix the lid to the overflowing tub when she bolted. For a 20 month old she can run! Off she went around the shelves, by the checkout section and I finally scooped her up by the tea and coffee stand! In my haste to chase her I left my basket and overflowing Pick N Mix pot alone in a deserted aisle. Upon my return I looked and noticed something didn’t look quite right. My handbag was missing. I had literally only been 5 seconds had someone honestly taken my bag? I shouted “Help, someone has taken my bag…” as I looked around in shock I shouted again ” Arrrr someone has taken my bag…” Staff and other customers rushed to my aid just as shocked as me as I tried to explain that I had left my bag and it was no longer there.

There are movies where a scene occurs and just before realisation hits, the screen freezes and a voice over comes on to say “and this is the moment when Simone wondered if this was one big dream…”  As it slowly dawned on me what had happened the words “Oh my lord… I am so sorry… I didn’t even bring my bag in with me…” escaped my lips as my face fell from shock to utter humiliation. With everyones’ eyes still staring at me! Apologising profusely everyone was absolutely lovely and the women especially were very understanding. The male shoppers on the other hand looked as me as if I had a screw loose!

To make life easier for myself I usually just chuck my purse into the basket when I walk LO in and had completely forgotten. Can I really still be suffering from baby brain? I am still reeling from what happened even now, whilst I am sat here picking the white mice out of the tub! However I can now laugh about what happened and have certainly made a few people chuckle already with this story of my antics – however most know me and know that things like this happen to me all the time!

Today it has been announced that I am one of the very lucky testers of the new Quinny Zapp Xtra and this news could not have come at a better time! I certainly will not be going into our mini Tesco for a while but the next time I do I shall certainly use the Quinny (and take my bag with me!) I may even take a picture of us next to the Pick N Mix stand!

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savvymum4 September 21, 2010 - 4:45 am

I could just imagine the scene, you shouting at the top of your voice and everyone turning round . Oh classic

Brilliant post gave me a giggle thanks x

Leanne - Second Time Mummy September 22, 2010 - 10:21 pm

This made me chuckle! It reminded me of the time my mum called the police because her purse had been ‘stolen’ whilst out shopping. In actual fact she had brought it home with her, paid the window cleaner and left her purse in the kitchen, then when she made my dads sandwiches for work she had picked the purse up and put in the fridge! *Hence it was no where to be found and MUST have been pick pocketed*!

She had to call the police again the next morning whe she realised! lol

Nicki Cawood September 24, 2010 - 6:21 pm

Oh bless you – that is very much something I would do! I’m glad you can see the funny side of it now, though I have to wonder how long before you dare revisit said mini Tescos :p

PS- It’s amazing how fast those little legs can move when they are on a runaway mission isn’t it!?


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