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ZingZillas Album Review

by S1m

 ZingZillas is a wonderful children’s show featured on CBeebies. The show, set on a tropical island features 4 characters who love to make wonderful, magical music. With this in mind a CD has been produced of music from the show and I can definitely say the new ZingZillas album is certainly a firm favourite in our house!  

The CD comes complete with a cover and is priced at £9.99, for us this the album is worth every penny!
I have never seen my 21 month old daughter get so excited about music! We played the CD through the TV and obviously there were no images to view but she absolutely adored each song and asked for more each time a track finished.

I have absolutely loved watching her dance around, jump up and down, clap and shake her head to the music, these moments are absolutely priceless!  

There are 26 tracks on the ZingZillas album from all different genres and influences including, jazz, samba and classical to name a few, all of which have featured on the show. All the tracks are upbeat and will certainly put a smile on your child’s face and a spring in their step!  

I have no qualms at all popping this in the car and listening to this on the many journeys we take as I know that my daughter will engage with the music and will be occupied. The first song is the theme tune from the show performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra which is a fantastic song to catch your child’s attention.  

The CD has a very colourful front sleeve and the image features all the characters from the show. There is also a handy CD cover which features the same image, this is great for keeping the CD case safe when in transit (and being picked up by little fingers!)  

The ZingZillas album was released on the 4th October just in time for the Christmas rush and I feel this would make the perfect stocking filler for any child, as well as ZingZillas fans!  



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