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Next – 12 Days of Christmas – Another car disaster…

by S1m

At any other time, huge big snowflakes falling out of the sky would be described as “romantic” or “festive“. To me, on a Saturday when I am delivering they can only be described as a nightmare!!

My particular round covers 2 large villages, both classed as semi rural (in some parts definitely rural!!) one village was incredibly deep in snow and hazardous to drive through so I moved onto to the next village and managed to deliver everything without any problems. A few choice words maybe but so far so good…

I had just delivered my last parcel and decided to take a shortcut to get back to the main road… BIG mistake!!!  As I drove down the street I could feel the car slipping slightly until there was nothing I could do and what can only be described as “slow motion” the car slammed side on into a curb with a huge crunch.

As soon as I managed to get the car free and moving again I was able to check the damage… a huge cracked alloy that had made an indent into the tyre itself. Luckily I was ok but I knew I would be in for serious ear ache upon my return home. I am taking the car to the garage tomorrow so I shall have the damage assessed. My fingers are crossed for only cosmetic damage!
I am just very thankful that my daughter was not in the car with me, nothing is more important in the world to me. So please remember that couriers are trying their best, but this weather makes our job an awful lot harder!


Starting Sunday afresh, what better way to spend the day than having a lovely walk in the cool fresh air with my family (and Honey!) and then decorating the Christmas tree! Now I am definitely in the festive move and with just under 3 weeks to go until Christmas Day I have been looking at table decorations and found Next have a chic and stylish Christmas range.

I have my eye on several items including this Silver Starburst Table Runner  and these very Glittery Green Tree Candles! The would fit perfectly into my colour scheme. I think I may just have to treat myself after my ordeal!

Don’t forget that Next offer next day delivery with orders placed before 9pm!!
 *This post is sponsored by Next… click on the links to be directed to the Next website… Happy Shopping!!



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