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Quinny Zapp Xtra – my 3 month assessment

by S1m

 My 3 month Assessment

 Being a QuinnyCaster is a great honour and also very flattering when you find you are one of 25 to be chosen out of over 3,000 applicants.
For the past 3 months the QuinnyCasters have been putting their pushchairs through vigorous road tests, whether a QC with a baby who can attach a Maxi Cosi infant carrier to the Zapp Xtra chassis or a QC with an older child who could easily sit in the Zapp Xtra seat.

I chose Rebel Red, simply for the fact we had a red Quinny Buzz 3 when Olivia was a baby and wanted to continue this tradition (plus I personally find it more suitable for girls!)

Our pushchair arrived several days after the announcement of the QuinnyCasters, just in time for us to take it on holiday to Disneyland Paris. Immediately we were able to give the pram a good road test and that is exactly what we did! We pounded the pavement for miles!!

Upon receiving the big Quinny even though I was very excited, I took my time in opening in order to complete the 1st assignment by QuinnyCasters HQ – To record the grand task of unpacking our Quinny. As my husband was working away I had the privilege of putting the Quinny Zapp Xtra together (with the help of Mini Me and Honey the dog!) and actually found it very easy to assemble. As we used the Quinny Buzz 3 when Olivia was a baby, we are fully aware of how easy Quinny prams/pushchairs are to piece together.

I was a little disheartened that the Zapp Xtra has a separate chassis and seat. Being so used to a pram that you can easily fold in half with one finger, I knew this would take some getting used to!

We are very lucky to have a large car, which we travelled to Disneyland Paris and and for this we had no problem at all storing the pushchair in the car and did not have to fight for space. I have to admit, since the trip I have actually stored the Zapp Xtra in the boot of a smaller car and could easily fit my shopping (and my friend’s) alongside the pram. So my initial predictions of the pushchair taking up valuable boot space were proved incorrect, along with my prediction of the pushchair being hard to use due to having to separate to fold down.

I found that Mini Me slept so well when wheeling her around Disneyland Paris even with all the hustle and bustle and I put this down to the fact the Zapp Xtra can fully recline. In all there are 3 seating positions, I preferred the inbetween recline position as Mini Me was very comfortable and was able to stretch out. The seat material is very comfy and allows your child to sit/sleep happily.

Three months down the line I am able to whip the pram together and take it apart with the greatest of ease and I am sure I get quicker each time! In fact when I had to use my old pushchair, it took me a while to remember how to put that one down! The Zapp Xtra really has grown on me!

Several family members have used the pushchair and have all commented on how easy the Zapp Xtra is to push ( I have always found 3 wheelers to be very easy to use). The Xtra has the option of a fixed position front wheel or the option of what I call “go with the flow” or a free wheel. A great feature especially when required to use this on different terrains. At 5 ft 9′ I have no problem with the height of the handles however the option to extend the handles further would be a great function especially for taller people.

Shopping… now what woman does not love shopping???! Although we are advised not to hang bags from the handles as it could possibly contribute to the pushchair tipping, I was extremely naughty and used the separate handles to hang (a lot) of Christmas shopping! As I had no intention of letting go of the pushchair I managed to get away with this and did not feel any hint of tipping. The reason I had to hand my bags on the handles was due to the fact the shopping basket is not very big and certainly can not cope with more than 2 large bags. Though this is a negative, it is bearable, at the end of the day there is no scope for how large the basket could be and the size is perfect for the pram, any larger and the pushchair dimensions would have to change.

Dealing with the weather… well we have used the Quinny Zapp Xtra in sunshine, rain, snow and ice. This pushchair is fully equip to deal with all climates with great ease. The hood really amazed me with how far it folded out, it completely covered the top half of the pram and Mini Me’s face, fantastic for when she is asleep and also meant I could save money by not investing in a parasol!

The Zapp Xtra comes complete with a raincover, unfortunately this is my ultimate negative. Caught in a huge downpour I struggled for at least 5 minutes to keep the cover in place. It just did not seem to fit around both handles and appeared slightly too small. I had to run back to the car whilst holding the raincover in place on the handles.

10/10 to Quinny for listening to feedback on the original Quinny Zapp and taking on board parental feedback. All the features most people look for in a pushchair such as reclining, parent facing and lightweight have been combined with the original Zapp. I hope the feedback in this review will help Quinny with any future pushchairs.

The Plus Points to the Quinny Zapp Xtra…

* Can be used forward or parent facing.

* Adaptable – The chassis can be used with the Maxi Cosi Infant carrier (fantastic if you do not want to spend a lot on a travel system – the pushchair is suitable to aged 4 years.)

* The hood is the best I have ever seen on a pram.

* The fact that it can recline to enable your child to sleep well when out and about.

* So easy to manoeuvre (a plus point when navigating the sales!)

* Actually easier to assemble than first thought.

* Quinny pushchairs stand the test of time and never look old.

* Very easy to store

* Can use the footmuff from Buzz 3 with the Zapp Xtra! :O)

The unfortunate Down Sides to the Quinny Zapp Xtra…

* The raincover (as mentioned above) does not seem to fit properly, slightly too small.

* Quite a lot of packaging to unpack – could annoy very environmentally friendly people!

As you can see in the past 3 months I have only managed to find 2 negatives and they really are only very trivial matters. So all in all I have found the Quinny Zapp Xtra a dream to use as a parent and am happy knowing that my most precious daughter is very comfortable and happy using the pushchair!

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Quinny pushchairs January 21, 2011 - 12:30 pm

Wow…….wonderful pushchairs………….I really lov to visit your blog!!!!!!!!!!

Jun.Grankin.XIONG June 27, 2011 - 11:53 am

Love it. We just bought one…

Cassie June 28, 2011 - 5:43 pm

Just wanted to let you know that I had the same problem with the raincover but I have been taught how to do it properly now and thought I would share, as it is designed to go on whether the seat is parent facing or world facing it doesn’t actually go round the handles at all but just velcros up tightly around the back of the seat unit, then stretches round the bottom of the seat unit. Hope this helps someone because I thought it was a real design flaw but it actually works really well when done properly


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