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Orchard Toys – Quack Quack

by S1m

Orchard Toys

Quack Quack can be purchased directly from www.orchardtoys.com priced at £7.25

Direct link: http://www.orchardtoys.com/products/quack-quack/

Orchard Toys are definitely a favourite in our household so we were very grateful for the chance to test another in their fabulous range of children’s jigsaws and puzzles.

This time around we chose Quack Quack as Olivia loves animals and we test her on animal sounds and names a lot, so this seemed perfect!

Although Quack Quack is a memory card game (complete with Dice and shaker) Olivia doesn’t quite understand the concept of this yet so we have been using the wonderful cards, which are made from durable, recycled card as flash cards. The colourful cards and animal illustrations easily engaged Olivia and we find them perfect for travelling in the car or at home.

The cards really are well made and stand up to a lot of wear and tear! I find all Orchard Toys puzzles to be great fun yet very educational at the same time. Quack Quack engages your child in communication as well as encouraging memory and recognition skills.

We have yet to get to the stage were we can use the dice but as mentioned we do use the cards whilst travelling as they are so portable and I always keep a few in my bag to keep Olivia amused.

Yet again we are more than happy to recommend Orchard Toys, their range covers most ages with puzzles that fully engage your child and boost their skills.

The site is very easy to navigate and there are search options that will enable you to find the perfect puzzle suitable for your child’s age.

Orchard Toys have always impressed me as they do not use any plastic packaging for their products so there is no wastage as it is very convenient to keep everything together in the small, colourful cardboard box. The box features all information and instructions to play the Quack Quack game along with listing the skills your child will learn and discover by playing the game.

Perfect games in every way!

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HMR February 3, 2011 - 9:06 am

This is a great item to grab your little one’s interest. I have used it in the crib and pack and play to help stimulate him and keep him occupied. It’s nice because one side is black and white visualizations and the other side has puzzle like pieces that fit into their homes. The “puzzle pieces” flip over to the black and white side to create even more visual stimulation for him. Definitely recommend.


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