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Goodbye Quinny – A Quinny Zapp Xtra Farewell

by S1m


Well the time has come to finally say “Goodbye” to Quinny Caster HQ and set off on our own!
The past 6 months has definitely been a stroll in the park as the Quinny Zapp Xtra has been a pleasure to use.

It has been on many walks, travelled all the way to Disneyland Paris and been admired by many.

Liv is always very eager to be pushed around in the Zapp Xtra and quite literally jumps in the pram and slots her arms through the straps. This to me is always a good sign as if a child at the age of 2 understands what makes them happy and what they are comfortable using.

My initial thoughts when unpacking the Quinny Zapp Xtra was that it would be hard to get used to as there are 2 separate parts to the pushchair and I was used to just having to fold my old pushchair in half. Fast forward 6 months and putting the pushchair together and taking apart is an absolute breeze! As with anything if you continue using a product long enough you will get used to it and I am pretty sure I could put the seat together blindfolded now!

For us the fact the seat has 3 recline positions and lays horizontally is a great advantage as we know Liv can be comfortable and have a lovely nap whilst being pushed around. We were lucky to have owned (and still kept) a Quinny Buzz 3 with all the trimmings from when Liv was a baby and were pleasantly surprised when we realised the footmuff from the Buzz 3 actually fits the Zapp Xtra, a bonus that so many of the different Quinny (and Maxi Cosi Infant Carrier) products can be interchanged- making this a great, value for money pushchair.

The only downside to the Quinny Zapp Xtra we came across was the rain cover didn’t seem to fit fully and I did end up having to hold it place whilst pushing along. I did not seem to be the only Quinny Caster who struggled though this is only a slight bug bear though and I am sure the sizing can easily be rectified by the fabulous people at Quinny!

It is now with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Quinny, they have treated all the Quinny Casters very well and I believe the campaign has been a great success! These are our own personal opinions as a family based on usage over the past six month and we will be continuing to use the Quinny Zapp Xtra for as long as Liv needs it.

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Susan Mann February 21, 2011 - 1:48 pm

I do like Quinny buggys we have a quinny zap


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