Home Review Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth – the multi purpose kitchen towel that works!

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth – the multi purpose kitchen towel that works!

by S1m

So what product is normally at the top of your shopping list? Food, chocolate, wine? Generally at the top of mine is kitchen towel! Not exactly conducive to a good night however with a cheeky 2 year old, a dog and a cat it is definitely a product we get through in vast quantities!

The chance to review the new Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth came at the right time and the fact that it “performs like a cloth” was too good to be true! We have tried so many kitchen towel brands in the past and although we have used some fantastic multi purpose towels I was keen to give the Thirst Pockets a try!

I certainly was not disappointed! As soon as I opened the pink packaging I could feel the quality with the first squeeze! The Multi Cloth was much thicker than expected and very soft. Within 5 minutes of having the product I was able to put it to the test as Liv accidentally knocked over her drink. No problem at all Thirst Pocket Multi Cloths to the rescue! I used just one piece but was expecting to use more if necessary, yet one piece easily sucked up all the drink and the cloth was thick enough for me to use to make sure the area was completely dry. I was very impressed indeed with how well the cloths absorbed and was then on the lookout for items that needed cleaning!

The windows are always guaranteed to have finger and hand prints smeared over them, so I picked up my window cleaner and the Multi Cloths and set about wiping the windows. I do not tend to wipe the windows with kitchen towel so was a little dubious but in all honesty I found the Cloths to be just as thick as a normal cleaning cloth and they performed really well. An old trick is to wipe windows with newspaper in order have streak-free windows and I think these worked in the favour of the Thirst Pockets.

Overall they have performed superbly… am I converted? I really do think so! Having the Thirst Pocket Multi Cloths in the house means I do not have to search around the kitchen cupboards for cleaning cloths, I am reassured that any little accidents will easily be cleared up with these cloths.

The cloths can clean your Kitchen; Bathroom; Glass and Furniture. Perfect for the bathroom from cleaning to rinsing to drying. Ideal for heavy cleaning jobs like scrubbing hobs. Great for dusting & polishing leaving no nasty streaks. Handy for spills small or large and are ideal when preparing food.

Priced at approximately £2.39 for a pack of 2 these really are a great investment for any household and the fact they are multi-purpose is a huge advantage to any household, especially one with children and a zoo!!

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Emma March 4, 2011 - 1:37 pm

A family basic in my house too!


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