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Roll on CyberMummy – much needed ME time! Rant alert!

by S1m
Today was one of those days where I could have happily screamed/cried/crawled back into bed under my duvet!
After 2 and a half days of being unable to work properly due to having workmen grinding, banging and smashing as they replaced our fascia boards I had had enough and wanted my house back!
Thankfully everything returned to normal this afternoon, bar the scaffolding and I was able to crack on with work… ah bliss!
This afternoon I opened an email that made me smile and feel very valued as a blogger! I had been invited to a fantastic event in London by a well known company who I have been working with for several months. It was a chance for me to meet the lovely PR guy I deal with and learn more about the great promotion the company is trying to push. Hurriedly I emailed back and said I was most definitely interested but so long as it was before the 8th June (the day hubby goes back out to work). Imagine my utter dismay (and facial expression) when a reply came back saying it would most likely be the 9th June.
After feeling deflated for a minute or two, the anger set in! How infuriating that my life revolves around work and not even my own work!
Day trips have to be carefully co-ordinated, holidays have to be pretty much booked last minute, my social life is pretty much my social media life! I cannot complain too much, I am very blessed and I manage to pack my husband away for weeks at a time (think soaps galore and being able to enjoy Gossip Girl in peace!) but sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice for my schedule to be considered.
Take CyberMummy 2011, the Mother In Law is coming up for the weekend to house sit and look after Liv and the animals. If you see me checking my phone every 5 minutes this explains why! Meeting the wonderful Nic from Sell It Baby my CyberMummy sponsor took over 2 months longer than it should have done due to hubby’s work schedule. We used to get 12 hours notice for him to return to work so at least we have progressed to a few weeks but it’s hard fitting in everything you want to do especially when it’s out of your control.
So yes this is probably my first ranting blog post and you maybe sat there questioning why I am so angry – if you had put up with not knowing whether you are coming or going for the past 6 years or having to turn down a girly night for the umpteenth time you would understand!
Roll on CyberMummy, I certainly need that weekend away and if you see my excessively checking my phone, please feel free to confiscate it!!

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Mrs Sun May 25, 2011 - 7:31 pm

I will be the one who confiscates the mobile never fear! 😀

If I lived closer I would happily guard Liv for the day for the London daytrip!


Simply Hayley May 26, 2011 - 4:53 pm

How fustrating! Can Liv not come with you to London on the 9th?
You have every right to feel fustrated! Your human afterall hun!

SFRProductReviews (Simone) May 26, 2011 - 5:15 pm

It would be such a long day for us and would have to leave the cat and dog on their own all day too – Liv would be a cheeky monkey so am probably going to have to sit this one out – absolutely gutted! :O( Just been invited to something else on same day hubby comes home. Time for a trade in I reckon :OP xx


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