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Review: B Organic – Organic Skincare range for the whole family

by S1m

B Organic Skincare

The full range can be purchased from www.b-organic.co.uk

B Organic is the wonderful organic skincare range specially created by Aycin for children with sensitive skin and mummies who want a skincare treat. We received a wonderful travel pack consisting of Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Bubbles and Body Lotion all from the Mummy and Me range and a glass jar of Body Butter for me!

The resealable travel pack is a fantastic idea as it includes all the must have travel sized products, all in one convenient bag!

The stylish, white bottles at 100ml each are the perfect size for travel use and with a silver twist top this makes the bottles easy to re-use and fill with your favourite B Organic products!

My daughter has fine, blonde hair and recently I had been struggling to find the perfect Conditioner for her hair so this couldn’t have arrived at a better time! All the toddler products had a Sweet Orange fragrance which was sweet and refreshing – a perfect aroma for toddler hair!
We first used the Shampoo and I was surprised that I only needed a little amount to create a good lather – when I have used organic products in the past I have noticed that a normal amount does not produce the same amount of lather or bubbles as you would expect. My daughter loves having her hair washed and this really was a treat! The conditioner worked perfectly and both products washed out very easily whilst there was still a trace of the sweet orange fragrance evident.

BOrganicThe Body Lotion smelt absolutely gorgeous and actually made me want to go and eat a bowl of yummy fruit!! The Bath Bubbles did not produce as many bubbles as a non-organic based bubble bath however I could almost feel how soft and luxurious it was whilst stirring around in the  running water. My daughter does suffer with slight sensitive skin and unfortunately had a rash on her face just before using the B Organic products, I was happy to notice within a few days the rash disappeared. It maybe a coincidence however it certainly proved that B Organic products do not irritate her skin.

The Body Lotion is a great addition to any bathtime routine and we have always used lotion with our daughter as we find it helps her have a peaceful night’s sleep (and us!!) and it adds moisture to her skin. I am sure she will thank us when she is older when she has beautiful, soft, glowing skin! The Organic Body Lotion was very easy to use and rub into the skin and was absorbed quickly. Perfect for putting on pyjamas quickly in order to keep warm after a bath!

Well… enough about Mummy and Me range what about the B Organic range for yummy mummies in need of a body boost and a treat. The Body Butter comes in a gorgeous glass jar with a twist on silver lid. I love the fact the jar is clear so you can see the product inside (always great to know when you need to stock up again!). Upon opening I was greeted by a luscious lavender aroma which was instantly calming, something I definitely need at the moment! I quickly scooped out a large dollop of the Body Butter and rubbed into my arms. It massaged in so easily and instantly moisturised my skin. My arms actually had a slight glow to them once absorbed and felt unbelievably soft. The Body Butter has been a part of my daily beauty regime since I received it to review and it shall remain a part of my regime.

I do find that Organic products are very kind to my family’s skin and I really wouldn’t use any product on my daughter that I would not use myself. It is refreshing to find a brand such as B Organic, Aycin the mum and creator behind the brand has a very personal reason for producing organic skincare for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers. Aycin really has created something absolutely wonderful and from our point of view I would recommend B Organic as a range to have in your bathroom!


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susi rawlings November 24, 2014 - 3:19 pm

I can no longer get your hydrating face cream from amazon I had this face cream for the first time and i love it, can you please tell me when they are going to restock it, or can I buy it direct. and if so will you post it to Spain,

Regards Susi Rawlings.


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