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Vanchi Changing Bags The Hendrix in Strawberry Fields and how it handled with all the #CyberMummy11 goodies!

by S1m

VANCHI, is an Australian brand offering stylish and chic changing bags for mums on the go. The VANCHI collection includes genuine and faux leather options, a range of sizes, colours and styles to suit every taste. All VANCHI changing bags come with a bottle holder, dummy safe, wetpack, change mat, key clip, multiple pocket options and of course their signature dummy charm lovingly attached to each Vanchi nappy bag.

I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to test drive the Hendrix in Strawberry Fields at CyberMummy and as you can see from all the photos it really was put through it’s paces! The colour is stunning and I am so glad that I went for a colour I wouldn’t normally choose, a deep reddish colour, it really does look striking and complements any outfit.

VANCHI – Hendrix in Strawberry Fields

My first impressions were that the bag is very lightweight which considering how much I had to transport to CyberMummy was a fantastic start! Inside the bag were all the accessories aforementioned which are very funky indeed and Liv immediately grabbed the dummy holder and proceeded to carry this around!
The bag has 10 inch drop handles which made the bag very comfortable to wear over my shoulder and tuck into my body as well as carrying on the crook of my arm. I found the bag to be very decent in size and from everything I carried, I could clearly establish that it would be a great bag for any mummy who needs to carry around all her child’s/children’s essentials. The inclusion of a separate wet pouch brings great reassurance if you are not in the vicinity of a rubbish bin as you can quick easily store away any rubbish and throw away when possible. All this without ruining the bag internally – although the inside of the bag is made from a durable waterproof lining just in case!

An adjustable strap is available with the bag which enables you to wear over your shoulder like a satchel – personally though I prefer to carry a bag with the handles over my shoulder but if you have small children and need free hands then the extra strap will give you the option of carrying on your pram handles too.

The zip was super easy and smooth to pull back and forth and I never found that it snagged, great to know when you need to zip up and go!
As well as several deep pockets inside the bag and an added “Mummy Pouch” in the middle (ideal for your purse, keys, makeup etc) which can easily be removed with the use of handy press studs the Hendrix also features 2 mini outer pockets on the side of the bag for small items which maybe needed quickly. Another slightly larger outer pocket was located on the “back” of the bag which is kept to your body when carrying. Pockets are an important feature of any bag for me, whether inside or outside as I tend to carry lots of things in my bag and generally do not have the time to root right down to the bottom. Metal feet are another well received feature of the bag as I do tend to plonk my bag down and having feet will protect the bottom of my bag and keep it looking pristine for longer.

I really am impressed with the Hendrix – with a leather look outer, the bag is very stylish and received many compliments, I am certainly very happy to have this gorgeous bag hanging from my arm!
A huge thanks to Sarah and Jess at VANCHI who made it possible for me to use this bag to transport all our goodies to CyberMummy! It was slightly touch and go whether it would arrive from Australia in time and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to showcase this fantastic Australian export! Although VANCHI are currently not available in the UK, the future holds many opportunities so keep your eyes peeled!

For further details on the stylish range of bags available visit www.vanchi.com.au

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