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Review: No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara from Boots

by S1m

I am sure every handbag/ cosmetic case in the country has a mascara… it is the staple product of every girl’s makeup collection. Now I have to admit although I do not wear mascara all the time, I prefer to spend a little bit more and own a mascara I love to use and that works well on my eyelashes.

Having grown out of the whole clumpy lash look, I now plump for a more defined, natural look so when the chance arose to review the new No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara I wondered how it would fair compared to my usual brand.

No7 Exquisite Curl MascaraOne first sight, the tube is exactly what I expected from the No7 brand, long, curvaceous and very easy to hold, already a good start! I found it extremely easy to open the mascara and withdraw the brush. Immediately I noticed the actual brush had a slight curve to it which when used would aid to give a curl definition to your lashes. Unfortunately I was never blessed with long, camel like eyelashes so have always relied on a mascara to do all the work for me. A mascara that achieves a natural look with added curl will certainly be finding itself in my make up bag!

On first application I noticed that the mascara covered my lashes well with a luxurious black coating and a slight curl was clearly visible. Leaving this to dry slightly I re-applied and my lashes appeared thicker, longer and a definite curl was apparent. I applied during the morning time and found that 2 coats lasted well into the day and I did not need to re-apply. The handle was very easy to hold and kept steady and the brush itself was of a large size and gave fantastic coverage.

I tend to struggle slightly when using mascara on my lower eyelashes but found the mascara very easy to control by using the tip to gently run over my bottom lashes. This gave my bottom lashes a generous coating without being too un-natural.

Each lash was defined and not clumped together and I felt the overall look was quite a sophisticated and exactly what I hoped the mascara would achieve. I am very impressed with how well the mascara worked on my eyelashes and feel it would easily replace my current brand. No7 is a brand that I trust and have yet to be proved otherwise. At an introductory price of £10.50 and a usual price of £13.00 I believe this to be quite average. After using the product for several weeks I have certainly had great usage out of the mascara and feel that it will last longer than expected. I would certainly recommend the No7 Exquisite Curl mascara to women who want a natural look, for night’s out or a more clumped look this may not be for you.


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