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CyberMummy Arm Candy from Koochu

by S1m

I first became aware of Koochu after being introduced at the Harrogate Trade Show earlier this year. Impressed with the range, I did notice that the bags stood out due to their sophisticated style. Working on the principle that Koochu bags are more than just a changing bag I was able to put this to the test.

If you attended CyberMummy you may have noticed that my arm candy on the day was in fact the Koochu LaSalle. On the day it proved to be the right choice as I was able to fill the almost bottomless bag to my hearts content!
In a rather fetching vintage brown colour (also available in black), the faux leather bag handled well under pressure and the chunky rounded handles worked well not to mark my already battered and bruised arms and shoulders. When the LaSalle arrived it came with a funky changing mat with magnetic fasteners, dust bag, detachable shoulder strap and the most important feature the removable internal pocket insert. As any mum will know, a bag can never have too many pockets especially when travelling with children is concerned. This is a fantastic feature which is made up of several elasticated pockets alongside a zip pocket. The fact that is is removable is a huge bonus when needing to wash the insert and can easily be done so with the zip fastening.
For CyberMummy I made the decision to remove the pouch, space was valuable and the external pockets with magnetic fasteners more than made up for the shortfall. Easy access to my business cards was a must! There is a large external zip pocket on the reverse of the bag (held to your body) fantastic for keeping keys close to hand and safe.
The LaSalle appears to be a heavy duty, deep fill bag, what I would easily call my ideal bag. A bag is the most important accessory you can add to any outfit and any bag in the Koochu range would complement any outfit. I can imagine that any mummy would be happy to use this as a changing bag yet would also find that it easily fits in with their lifestyle once a changing bag is no longer required. Priced at £105 it is at the top end of the changing bags spectrum though when style, versatility and longevity is paramount then price is no major concern.
Koochu bags definitely tick all three boxes and with a new range of leather bags soon to be launched, the future certainly looks bright for the latest designer changing bag range on the block!

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ecbradley July 20, 2011 - 8:42 pm

It is a truely gorgeous bag and I am the envy of some of my yummy mummy friends! I use mine for work too as it fits my laptop in when i am being a working mummy! So practical.

Lynne July 22, 2011 - 8:44 pm

Love this bag – it is gorgeous.
Just not sure i could convince my husband that i need another bag and definitely not a £100+ bag – ho hum 🙁

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