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Celebrate Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday and send him a card!

by S1m

Can you believe that everyone’s favourite postman is turning 30 this year? That’s right, Postman Pat will be celebrating his 30th birthday on 16th September 2011.

Fans are being asked by Character Options to send birthday cards and drawings in for Pat to read – in return you will receive a reply from the slightly ditzy postie!
For over 30 years Postman Pat and his loyal Black and White cat Jess have been delighting children around the world and has become one of the most-loved pre-school characters ever created. Following on from the hugely successful series, children can now create their own adventures at home with the exciting toy range from Character Options.
Postman Pat is most certainly a firm favourite in our household with my Sky+ player full of episodes to watch on rainy days. With the extremely catchy theme tune, our house falls silent when Pat appears on the tv and it certainly takes me back to my own childhood. I was extremely happy to notice Pat is older than me!!
Liv received a fabulous Special Delivery Service van complete with two parcels which has now become her favourite toy. Part of the range from Character Options, the doors of the van open and by pressing the button on the roof of the van Pat’s voice can be heard alongside the theme tune.
If you would like to wish Pat a Happy Birthday send cards and drawings to:
Postman Pat
Evolution PR
The Abbey Centre,
NN11 4XG.
(All responses will be made via email. To receive an email reply from Pat, a valid email address and the child’s name must be included)

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