Home Review The Hepburn Overnight bag from Little Lifestyles – part of my #Cybermummy11 experience

The Hepburn Overnight bag from Little Lifestyles – part of my #Cybermummy11 experience

by S1m

Besides my daughter, I do not think there are many things that I have fallen instantly in love with… that is until I opened a box and squealed with delight as I pulled out the Little Lifestyles “Hepburn” overnight bag. An iconic name for an iconic bag and it was most certainly love at first sight. Made from Italian fabric that is “oh so soft” to touch, the white holdall (although I do not like to call it that!) is eye catching to say the least.

The handles, which I found to be slightly longer than on other bags were ever so comfy and what I consider to be the perfect length. The Hepburn sat perfectly against my body and I did not feel I was losing control of the straps at any time. Which considering how many bags I was carrying coupled with how far we had to walk around London to find our hotel was a great achievement. Normally I find myself hitching up a bag to make sure it is firmly on my shoulders but was pleasantly surprised to find I did not need to adjust once. I put this down to the fabric – although the bag feels like the softest leather you could possibly find it actually isn’t and so possibly had slightly more grip.
The colour… a white bag could scare anyone, especially a mummy! How on earth do you keep a white bag clean? It’s very simple… keep your eyes on your bag, do not let anyone within a 10 feet radius of you at all times and certainly do not let any sticky fingers near it! I also find that wet wipes are fantastic for gently removing any little mark that may appear. I received so many comments about the bag, mentioning that it was the bag that was most prominent in the CyberMummy images and that it was truly gorgeous. 
If you had only seen the bag in the images you may not have noticed the most amazing feature of the Hepburn… how it opens. Oh yes… this is not a zip fastened bag, or even just a press stud fastening. The best way to describe it is an old fashioned doctor’s bag. When the metal clasp and lip is opened, the bag simply folds open on a full, fixed hinge. This gives you a wide, rectangular opening into the huge space the bag provides. I found it very handy indeed as the bag was stationary whilst packing so there was no need to fight with the opening to place things at the bottom.
Talking of the bottom… the space available in the bag is vast! I was able to pack a weekend’s worth of clothes (think 8 or 9 changes of clothes), 3 pairs of shoes, toiletries and make up AND I still had plenty of space to spare! There are internal, elasticated pockets which are great for little items that you do not want to lose at the bottom of the bag. 
The Hepburn comes complete with a white, padded changing mat and a dust bag, which is very important for keeping this beautiful accessory in tip top condition.
Part of the Little Luxuries portfolio of the Little Lifestyles brand, all products are designed for parents who want pure and simple design. I agree wholeheartedly that so much thought has gone into the range such as functionality, design and elegance, features that tick all the boxes in what I require from a bag.
Perfect for any mummy as a hospital bag, or an overnight bag for those weekends away, the Hepburn will certainly turn heads!
* The Hepburn was sent to me for the purpose of this review – the bag was reviewed as part of my CyberMummy weekend experience

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Sara September 18, 2011 - 9:09 pm

I remember lusted over this bag all weekend. It was truly beautiful xxx I so want one x

SFRProductReviews (Simone) September 18, 2011 - 9:37 pm

Oh I know, it is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen or had the pleasure of using!! It is in the dustbag and noone is allowed near it! My best friend who is due in the next few weeks needs a hospital bag and so far I have kept quiet about this beauty! :OP

Emma September 18, 2011 - 9:57 pm

It looks fab, I love the idea of a clasp like that. *writes that on christmas list*

Claire, Cheshire Mum September 20, 2011 - 2:49 pm

I love that! Jealous!


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