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Review: Ogon Aluminium Wallets – Stylish Gift to Give

by S1m

Ogon Aluminium Wallets are the perfect accessory to keep your cards and cash safe! Available in a range of colours to suit both male and female tastes. The light weight aluminium casing shields cards from RFID scanners and demagnetization which means that your cards are totally safe when travelling through scanners.

Ogon Wallets are very sturdy and can easily take the pressure of being placed in a back pocket. The very trendy design is very eye catching and the wallet comes in a stylish black gift box making it the perfect gift. Both sides of the Ogon Wallet feature the Ogon logo with a smooth brushed finish on one side and a rigid design on the other side.

The easy click open mechanism opens to reveal 7 tear resistant PVC expandable pockets which offer the space to hold up to 15 cards. Contents of the Ogon Wallet will always be protected by the sturdy casing which is also water resistant.

A fantastic product to give as a present or corporate gift!

What do women think…

I thought the Ogon Wallet was the perfect business tool. Although I have too many bits and bats in my usual purse to use this as an actual wallet, I found it absolutely fantastic to contain all my business cards. Upon taking the Ogon Wallet out of my bag to pass on cards I received several complimentary remarks on what a wonderful, sleek design it was and such a handy product.

I never experienced a problem locating the Ogon Wallet in my bag as was easily able to feel for the aluminum casing. The convenient click and close opening was very easy to use and I found the space and pocket size inside the wallet was very ample. The pockets inside are made from tear free PVC, my first impressions were the pockets were a little flimsy however I was proved wrong and I was pleasantly surprised with how strong they actually are!

Priced at £27.04 from Gifts With Style this is an affordable wallet that will stand the test of time without looking shabby after repeated usage.

The Ogon Wallet never felt like a wallet to me and I never felt I was using a product only suited to men. This is definitely a fashion-forward unisex accessory and a gift I would certainly consider giving to family and friend!

What do men think…

A perfect sized wallet to hold all my cards and cash. As I travel frequently through airports I was very reassured that my cards were protected when going through scanners. The great thing about the Ogon Wallet is it does not actually look like a wallet!

Usually I keep wallets in my back pocket and have noticed in the past that my cards have been damaged due to the pressure of sitting on the cards, my wallets also become very worn over time. Using the Ogon Wallet means that my cards will always stay protected due to the very sturdy casing and the wallet will never look tired or worn.

I felt more comfortable when storing the wallet in my front pockets and always knew where it was as I can be very conscious when travelling. When I was required to open the wallet I found it very simple to open the “easy click” opening and when closed was reassured that my cards were not on show and could not be lost.

Any man would love to receive the Ogon Wallet as a gift and once tried realization will dawn that there is no alternative to this very unique wallet.

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