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Review: Chicco Red Bullet – Lightweight Balance Bike

by S1m

Chicco Red Bullet

Chicco Red Bullet

A fantastic strider bike priced at a reasonable £29.99

Available from Amazon and other selected retailers.

For the past few weeks Liv has been whizzing around the house on her Chicco Red Bullet strider bike and absolutely loves it! I have to admit that I am very impressed with the balance bike and am amazed at how well Liv can handle riding around on it.

The design is simple  and it actually reminds me of my first ever BMX bike! I believe Liv took to it immediately due to its simple design and thin, metallic red chassis, she never took to her previous strider bike and I now put it down to the fact it had a chunkier appearance. The thin chassis means one of the main advantages to the bike is its weight, it quite literally is as light as a feather and both Liv to pick up and myself to carry. This makes it a perfect strider bike for popping in your boot and taking it out and about with you, it is highly portable and really does not take up much room either in the house, garage nor car.

Assembly was rather easy, even for me!! The instructions included are in Italian first so you do have to search for the English information, it is only the front wheel, saddle and handlebars that need assembling to the chassis so is quite self explanatory. The saddle and handlebars are height adjustable and as the bike is aimed at children aged 3-5 years, I know Liv will have quite a few years out of this bike so at a price of £29.99, it really is very reasonably priced.

The build quality is very sturdy and durable, for a Chicco product is exactly what I expected from such a reputable brand. I was surprised that the tyres are actually made of plastic but I think this design feature helps add to the ultralight nature of the bike. It also means that tyres do not need to be pumped up so the bike is always ready when your child wants to jump on and have a ride.

Liv’s balance has definitely improved by using the Red Bullet and she can now keep up with her older friends on their bikes. The Chicco Red Bullet really would make a fantastic “first” bike before your child makes the transition to a larger bike and an ideal present to unwrap on Christmas morning!

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