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Nubar Nail Lacquers – Autumn/Winter Polished Chic Collection 2011

by S1m

Nubar Nail Lacquers

 available from The Beauty Shed

 priced at £8 each

Nubar nail lacquers are LA’s leading manufacturer of eco friendly,  must-have colours of the season that the stars in Hollywood LOVE. In the age of natural organic products Nubar has captured natures power by creating a vibrant, high-quality range of colours free from Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP) Phthalate. With zero-chipping and ingredients selected to produce the ultimate glamour manicure, they will give you the hottest fingertip’s in town!

Nubar Nail LacquerI was very lucky to test polishes from the new Autumn/Winter Polished Chic collection and I have to admit that I am highly impressed with the quality of the lacquers on my nails. This year I have become and nail addict and haven’t spent much time with bare nails. There are so many fabulous colours out there to wear! The Nubar lacquers come in visually appealing bottles with an easy to use handle, as I have said before, my coordination isn’t great so I definitely need a controllable brush in order to paint my own nails.

The lacquers were very easy to use and spread across my nails effortlessly. I did find I needed two coats of the colours but I put this down to the fact that I am more careful than an expert would normally be, I also find it gives better coverage and a more luxurious colour. Quick drying, I was able to apply the second coat almost immediately.

Priced at £8 each, I find this very reasonable indeed considering the high quality of the lacquers and the fact they are organic.

The colours I tried are (in the picture abover from Left to Right): Edgy Umber, Beguiling Carmine, Elegant Indigo.

Edgy Umber – described as a dark mocha/coffee tone – I found this to be slightly darker than I expected but I absolutely loved the colour! Perfect for Autumn and Christmas office parties!

Beguiling Carmine –  is a blood red creme. Vivid and classic, this red gives a nod to old school glamour. A really rich colour, it almost had a conker-ish colour to it, very luxurious.

Elegant Indigo – A sparkly deep, dark blue that feels soft to touch – the image really does not give this colour justice. It is lush and sparkly and perfect for parties!

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