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Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Doll’s House from @WoodenToyShopUK

by S1m

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Doll’s House

Available from www.woodentoyshop.co.uk

Currently priced at £33.77 (December 2011)


The one toy absent in our house was a doll’s house and looking back it was quite a noticeable absence. That was until the Wooden Toy Shop stepped in and sent Mini Me the absolutely stunning Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Dolls House. Upon opening the packaging, which is minimal, you are greeted with a light pink, purple and grey, 2 storey dolls house that folds in half.

The handles which are located on the top of the roof are a great plus point to the doll’s house as it enables you to carry the house around without the furniture and dolls (which are included) falling out. Great for also taking out in the car with you, especially over the festive period if travelling to see family and friends.
The fact that the furniture and Mr. and Mrs. Doll are included meant the doll’s house was complete and ready to play with immediately. As you can see from the images Mini Me dived straight in, arranging the furniture, running away with her imagination. I was amazed how engaged Mini Me was playing with the house and she is definitely of the age where a product like this will aid her imagination and creative skills.

Complete with stairs and a front door that does open the Fold and Go doll’s house it takes up half the room it should do, so I never felt this imposing in our lounge and it mainly lives on the table when not being played with.

I am a huge fan of wooden toys, they are so traditional and built to last, certainly more durable than a lot of plastic toys available nowadays and this product is no exception. The quality is outstanding and I know that it will really stand the test of time. It’s quite easy to see how this has become Mini Me’s favourite toy and now her toy collection most certainly feels complete.
For the price the Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Doll’s House is extremely reasonable, especially considering the furniture included.

Melissa and Doug make gorgeous wooden toys and although this is only our first product from their range I am already a huge fan and will certainly be adding to our collection.

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