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Review: Monkey Math educational game for pre-schoolers from Letterbox

by S1m

Monkey Math

Available directly from Letterbox priced at £15.00

Making learning fun is a great way to engage children and keep their interest levels high whilst they absorb information. So what better way to learn about Math than to try and help a funny looking Monkey juggle bananas? That’s where Monkey Math steps in to put the fun straight back into learning.

Balancing on scales, the monkey (we named him Mickey!) has outstretched arms with extensions that enable your child to hang several bananas from each arm. Promoted as a toy, Monkey Math has very clear educational benefits. Each bunch of bananas is numbered (1-10), visibly showing the corresponding number so your child can read the number of bananas but also count too. Liv is approaching the age of 3 years I have always found her to be very good with counting however actually seeing the number on paper will take time to master. This toy enables her to count the bananas in each bunch and memorize the actual number.

The aim of the the “game” is to balance out the bananas – for example, one arm could hold the number 10 bunch of bananas whilst you make the other arm up to 10 using the remaining bunches. Yes it is that simple! Funnily enough though it really did catch Liv’s attention and she enjoyed piling Mickey’s arms with bananas until he was rocking from side to side.

A real visually appealing toy filled with numerous educational benefits that makes learning fun! Despite the 10 bunches of bananas which are generous in size, I really liked the fact the monkey, his arms and the scale section were all complete, making it very easy to tidy away and portable.

Monkey Math is suitable from ages 4+ however it really does depend on your child. Liv is a couple of weeks away from 3 years and absolutely loves this.

You can own your own Monkey as the game is available from Letterbox priced at £15.00 – a fantastic present idea for Christmas 2011!

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