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At a time when gold prices are sky high there really is no better time to make money from the unwanted or broken pieces you may have stashed away. Anything from unwanted bracelets, rings, even earring backs every gram adds up to a nice little sum! In the run up to Christmas if you are looking for some extra money to help buy presents it is most certainly worthwhile having a scout around to see what you can sell. If you are looking to sell unwanted gold, it is advisable to shop around and research online for the best prices/ ways to make the most profit from your sale.

With the amazing buy rates offered on gold it is quite obvious there is an uprising in the amount of companies that will buy your unwanted gold from you. Whether you walk into your local jewellers or sell gold online by posting your unwanted gold in a special pouch to your chosen company, the process really could not be any easier.

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Tesco Gold Exchange is currently offering fantastic rates on purchasing your gold. For example 9 carat gold at the weight value of 10 grams will scoop you a whopping £105.00 and not only that you can even earn 105 Tesco Clubcard points on top! Considering I am now saving up all my Clubcard points for Christmas 2012 a deal like this would be enough for me to get my weighing scales out right now!

Not only can you make money from selling unwanted gold you could also make buying and selling gold a venture of your own! Visiting charity shops, car boot sales and even trawling online auction sites could really pay off. You need to know what you are looking for though and I noticed the Tesco Gold Exchange site showcases images of the hallmarks you should look out for. If this is something that you would like to try then you will need to invest in a gold testing kit and a good pair of weighing scales. Having a start up pot of cash will also help!

If you still want to make money from gold without the hassle of searching for it you could also buy gold bars from special vending machines… yes very much like drinks vending machines! I myself bought a gold bar when I was in the UAE several years ago where they are in abundance, however due to current gold prices they are growing in popularity in the UK. Simply swap your cash for a little gold bar that you can either keep or sell when the price is right. However for that totally unique present this Christmas why not give a totally unique gift of a gold bar?

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