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Davina for Next… what better excuse to start a new fitness regime!

by S1m

For me 2012 will herald an entirely new chapter in my life! Not only will I be starting the year as a single lady but the countdown will be on for me being a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding in the summer. Along with the instant feeling of pride at being asked my second thought was “oh cripes I need to shift the butt!”

Hence the new lease of life for cough fitness! I really must stop mistaking the gym with people called Jim and shift the excess pounds so that I can ensure my friend has treasured pictures of her special day.

Having lost almost 5 stone on a very crazy shake only diet when Liv was born I was amazed with how my body looked but became too complacent. With everything that has happened it’s quite understandable that I have been comfort eating and sipping too much wine. Now is the time to completely revamp my life and what better way than starting 2012 by getting fit!

Next, my favourite high street store have recently announced that they have been working with Davina McCall to launch a new clothing line. The new line will include the ultimate workout and post-workout clothing along with a range of innovative everyday shoes featuring F.I.T technology to reduce load-bearing stress on joints and provide additional support. Available in stores and online from Spring 2012.
Having had a sneaky look at the range I can already tell it will be really popular. Personally the range really appeals to me and is exactly what I would wear to a gym or to even exercise in my own house or out for a run. As I used to hide away under baggy t-shirts I would be more inclined to use the new Davina for Next range which offers fantastic support, is in-keeping with the latest fashions and offers little extras such as reflective strips (perfect for joggers) and mp3 pockets.
I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the range also includes stunning ballet pumps which incorporate Next’s F.I.T. Technology. The shoes available are practical for every day use, whether smart or casual, at 5ft 9″ I live in flats and the adorable floral ballerinas (above) would fit in nicely with my wardrobe and personality.
I do have my eyes on this particular ensemble…
Grey long line zip hoody – great to wrap around your waist whilst out jogging £35/€46
Pink slide stripe capri pants – flexible and will not get in the way of gym equipment £28/€37
White sports trainers – these trainers exert 25% less pressure on the ball of your foot £45/€58
The prices are extremely reasonable for sports clothing, especially clothing with so much thought and consideration behind the design of them. Perfect for women with “boobs”, Davina has ensured workout tops are extremely solid and secure so your boobs won’t be bobbing around while you’re working out! Always good to know!
I for one will be making sure I look out for the new range when available at Next in the Spring! Davina has always been a great advocate of keeping fit, so what better person in the public eye to help design such a range! 2012 will be very exicting indeed! In order to get fit I will most certainly be partaking in a little Zumba and when the weather gets better will start jogging down the stunning walk opposite my house. A fantastic excuse to get out and have some me time!

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ecbradley December 20, 2011 - 9:46 pm

Good luck with the fitness regime, I am sure you will do just fine. Let us know how it all goes I will keep reading to see how your doing. x

SFRProductReviews (Simone) December 20, 2011 - 10:02 pm

Thanks hun!! Really need to get into gear with it now, my mate was over today talking about going dress shopping. I am slightly nervous, will start back on the diet and carry on with my Zumba for the Wii to tone up I think. Going to be a hell of a lot of sweating going on… oh well… next Christmas I may just find Bradley Cooper in my cracker! :OP


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