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Well hello there 2012! My dating site experience (part 1)

by S1m
Dating site experience
The New Year is here and albeit 2012 is going to be one hell of a rocky road for myself and Mini Me, I am trying to remain optimistic and start the year afresh…
So, when one finds oneself ticking the “single” box on forms what do you do? Naturally the modern approach is to join a dating site and change that status!
 With so many to choose from I immediately whittled the sites down by deciding I was going to be a miser and not use a paid site. One thing I found was there aren’t many free dating sites to choose from – by that I mean sites that allow you to send and receive messages without handing over money for this very important feature.
Dating Site Experience
 However my decision also meant that I was severely cutting into the quality and calibre of men who I could potentially meet, at the end of the day a lady is allowed to have high standards!
Writing a profile, even as a blogger is painstaking because for once you actually have to write about yourself in a humorous, easy to digest manner in order to “sell yourself”. I do believe my profile is an absolute masterpiece (yes, I shall blow my own trumpet!) and my profile pictures are the very best of a bad bunch.
What I have found is that no matter how much time you spend constructing the “world’s best profile” with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, you will always (I put money on it!) receive the obligatory “hi hun hw ru?” (sic) messages. I have lost track of the number of messages I have opened full of hope when viewing the recipient only to find some illiterate message that takes me 5 minutes to decipher.
Guys… word to the wise… text speak is a HUGE no-no! Seriously! When someone has to strain their eyes and look at a message sideways to understand it then you are certainly not the Mr. Darcy I am looking for! It makes me giggle seeing how many men assume the “Joey” role of “hey… how you doin?” It worked for a tv character, it doesn’t actually work in the real world!!
Though for every 10 messages there will always be a nice one, a message that has been carefully thought out, by a gentleman who has actually read your profile and not just drooled over your image. These are the diamonds, the ones who have also chanced venturing onto a free dating site and who have sought you out from the rest of the pack.
At the moment it’s all about fun, I have no expectations on my love life, it’s just nice to find someone to talk to, who doesn’t actually think I am slightly crazy!
So my progress so far with dating site experience… well there currently is a man (let’s call him Mr. B!), who ticks all the right boxes and more importantly makes me smile and laugh. We are at the stage of arranging a date and actually meeting which is all very exciting but I have found myself resorting back to a schoolgirl state with my nerves. Fingers crossed and watch this space!

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