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DIY or no DIY that is the question!

by S1m

With everything currently going on in my life, money issues are a great worry and I am now looking to the future and ways to finance decorating my house exactly how I would like it or maybe even a newer, more reliable car. A loan, though unchartered territory, seems to be the best option for me at the moment.

I find myself looking around my house and noticing new things to change or fix on a daily basis. Whether it be completely decorating my bedroom with new wallpaper, a new carpet and accessories to match or a brand new sofa, I realise how much work I have to do! With just myself and Liv in the house now it is definitely time to put our stamp on our shell and make it a pretty bachelorette house! I am sure my friends would be willing to come to a decorating party with wine and pizza on offer, so I know DIY help is on hand!

On one shoulder I have the “materialistic Me” and the other I have the “practical Me”. I am certainly torn between what I would like and what I actually need and spending money on a newer car, with a smaller engine size would be a better move economically for me – albeit very boring. Cars are an item that constantly chip away at your bank balance whether simply filling with petrol/diesel or the need for a new tyre completely taking you off guard. A newer, smaller car with lower road tax would surely give me peace of mind and hopefully be kinder to my bank balance.

One thing I do know is it would most likely be cheaper for me to get a new car as I have grand plans for the house and am sure it will be a live in project for a long time! So I’ll definitely be sitting down to figure the exact amount I would need to borrow for a loan. In the meantime I must ensure I stay away from ALL home improvement magazines as they will only give me further ideas!


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sportsmom216 February 8, 2012 - 3:21 am

I am in the same boat with the DIY stuff right now. What I want vs. what I can afford. I wish you good luck with yours and hope it turns out beautiful.

Prabhat Shah February 8, 2012 - 4:19 pm

Like the move to small car idea. That will definitely lower your flow of cash. You will get some collected over a period of time. Good Luck


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