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Boots – Wonderful Pamper gifts for Mum and Baby

by S1m

Mother’s Day has passed but you should not confine spoiling your mum to just one day a year. With gorgeous products for all occasions available at Boots all year round there is no need not to take a look. Everyone needs a little pampering every now and then Mums are certainly no exception.

The No7 Protect and Perfect range is widely renowned for great skincare at reasonable prices. Can you recall the waiting lists for the Serum? I do! I was on a list! Thankfully you no longer have to be put on a waiting list and I can firmly say I am still a huge fan of the serum!

To add to my collection I was recently sent the No7 Protect and Perfect Body Lotion (RRP £27 currently £12) to help me get my body in tip top condition for the summer. I have many body lotions but do have to admit to being terribly lazy with remembering to lather myself in cream every day however I actually wanted to use the No7 body lotion every day. It has made my skin feel so incredibly soft and moisturised that I cannot help but use it every day. With Spring already in the air now is definitely the time to help your skin.

When travelling I always find that toiletries seem to take up the most space in my suitcase and contribute heavily to the weight, which is why I prefer to travel with miniatures. They are so convenient and leave more room in my case for shoes! The Boots Extracts Mango Mini Gift Bag (which is a Fairtrade product priced at £6) is presented in a strong cardboard bag that will keep the products inside tidy and safe whilst travelling.

Liv loves her skin being moisturised and I am a stickler for making sure her skin is the best it can be (even if I don’t look after my own!) The Boots own brand Sensitive Moisturising Lotion and Sensitive Moisturising Cream (both priced at £2.03) are very gentle creams to use and you know that your child will benefit from both products. The range itself is comprehensive with products such as bath foam and body wash.

The Boots Parenting Club is definitely worthwhile joining!

Benefits you receive as a Parenting Club member:

10 points for every £1 spent on baby products within the baby area at Boots*

Receive regular glossy magazines if you continue to regularly buy baby products at Boots

24/7 access to information online including a parenting community

A chance to receive fabulous free gifts if you continue to regularly buy baby products at Boots

Handy email updates with information and advice tailored to your stage of pregnancy or baby’s age plus the latest Boots news and special offers


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