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Tips on Moving to a Self Hosted Blog

by S1m

You may or may not have noticed but recently my blog has undergone a huge change!! I have finally moved to a self-hosted blog and changed my domain name to something that is more relevant to me. Moving to a self hosted blog had been on my to do list for a very long time, but the potential loss of posts or images weighed heavily on my mind. I was lucky to have an amazing friend who could guide me through the whole process. The first step was to find a good domain name registrar.

Everything was decided on cost as I really wanted to set the blog up as cheaply as possible, yet to the best standard I could. As I was operating on WordPress.com it was very easy to save a copy of the .xml file that could be imported to the new blog once hosting was found. I was lucky to be able to make use of the hosting my friend has and she quickly set me up with a new WordPress self hosted blog. Once I chose my theme I was then able to import the .xml file. This was crunch time!! Fortunately enough I did not lose any of my work and all my images and comments moved over without a hitch. The relief I felt was overwhelming! I had spent the best part of two years building and establishing my original blog and to lose any content would have been highly annoying and upsetting.

The final aspect of moving my blog included using the option to redirect on WordPress.com. Setting up this service (for a small fee) means that I will not actually lose many visitors as anyone searching for anything connected to my old blog would be immediately redirected to my new blog.

I have to admit that the whole process was seamless and all was set up within a couple of hours, meaning I could carry on blogging as normal. If you are considering moving to a self hosted blog in order for more freedom and control then do not delay and do not fret! The different blogging platforms do have help guides and there are always other bloggers on hand (like myself) who can help with any questions you may have.

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