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My Top 5 Tunes of the Moment – Strangely Eclectic #SaturdayShoutout

by S1m

I have seen other bloggers post their favourite 5 songs of the moment, so thought I would follow suit! Here we go… are you ready?

Blur – He Thought Of Cars

From the album “The Great Escape” one of the most underrated Blur songs ever, from the most underrated Blur album. A haunting track which features the unmistakeable dulcet (and very Cockney) tones from Damon Albarn.


Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

A new kind on the block but an amazing voice. The lyrics are very meaningful at the moment.


John Legend – Ordinary People

Do I really need to explain why this is on my list? One of the most beautiful tunes ever! A stunningly performed song that proves sometimes all you need is a piano!


James Blake – The Wilhelms Scream

A chilling song, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine!


M83 – Midnight City

Not too sure of the Official video but I like the tune. A funky, electro pop record that is perfect for sitting out and chilling in the garden to.


Well I hope you liked my strange, eclectic music preferences of the moment! :O)








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