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Online Dating: Let’s Talk About S£X Baby…

by S1m

Now I am fully aware that this is a “Family Blog” but I have decided to spread my wings and go to darker depths. Finally I am going to mention the “S” word… no… not Santa…. SEX!! (Who said that?!) Yes, that three lettered word that is currently causing me so much grief!

I have been back in the dating pool for a couple of months now and I have to admit that I am more confused about men now than I was when I was a teenager! Back then it was all about one man and despite him thinking my feelings changed, they never did, I would still quite literally walk across broken glass and burning coals for him. What’s more… he knows it and still plays on it. Bastard! I get my own back by being brutally honest and giving him earache every so often. He still makes me inwardly swoon and giggle like a 14 year old school girl and outwardly grin like one too…

*Shakes head* Sorry… I’m back with you now! Right, where was I?

Men vs WomenOh yes… SEX! Well forgive my ignorance but when one decides that they will join a dating site and set up a profile, in the forefront of their mind said person will be looking to arrange dates and go out on them. Simple concept really, not exactly rocket science but why is that not actually happening?

Over the past few months I have spoken to several men, I say several in the loosest way possible. I keep getting angry with how depressing online dating is, choose to delete my profile vowing never to return to the site and then within a week I am back on with renewed vigour, believing that I will definitely meet someone. However this doesn’t seem to be happening at all. For some reason the men on a particular site I use are using it as a glorified knocking shop!

What? This hasn’t shocked you?

Well it damn well shocked me, I mean come on! It’s a dating site, surely people actually want to meet for an uncomfortable coffee, whilst looking anywhere but at each other? All my illusions have been shattered! That is all I want to use it for, instead I am faced with innuendo laced messages. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to think of myself as the “Innuendo Queen”, I love to flirt, who doesn’t! It passes the time of day, makes you smile and gives you a warm, gooey feeling in your belly! However, since when did it become acceptable, when getting to know someone over the space of 24 hours, for a man to turn around and say “I know you’re working but I could come and distract you” or “I am just waiting for my invite over to yours”. This from a 35 year old man!

Erm… Excuse Moi? Are you freakin’ kidding me? A little bit of ‘How’s your Father…’ would go down nicely (I have just finished the ‘Fifty Shades of… ‘ trilogy so forgive my pun!) at the present time but I would like to know more than just a name before I invite them to my house. MY house, where my daughter sleeps! What kind of irresponsible person would that make me? Maybe I am overly cautious after the Stalking incident but what single mother in her right mind would invite random strangers over whilst her child sleeps? If I wanted to do that I would simply go to a local bar and save myself an hour by not having to write a profile and choose the best pictures possible.

I quite literally have the hump now,  the thought of logging onto the dating site to be faced with more requests to come over tonight angers me. I just want to meet someone normal for a drink… and for once it doesn’t even have to be alcoholic! Besides, doesn’t the age old saying go “Good things come to those that wait?” The search continues… wish me luck!

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Emma June 9, 2012 - 5:33 pm

This made me go awww then had me giggling! Hopefully that right someone will put in a bloody appearance soon!

Sim June 9, 2012 - 5:41 pm

LOL! Not so bothered about meeting the right person now – just feel like a party pooper when I say no! Wouldn’t mind, I am not even a Nun! Just very particular and very safety conscious! May as well invite a random bloke in from the street, how do these men not know I am not a nutter :OP


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