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Review: Cewe Photobook – fantastic Keepsake Idea

by S1m

I am a huge fan of photobooks, they are a fantastic way to store precious images and stand the test of time. They always make fantastic gift ideas, whether for Grandparents birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day. When the opportunity arose to review a Cewe photobook I jumped at the chance as I had not compiled one in a while.

Sitting down and trawling through over a year’s worth of images – mainly taken on my mobile phone – was great fun and it made me realise how much Liv has grown up and changed in that time.

To start the process, you are required to visit Cewe and download their software (very quick and easy to do), once completed you have the choice of creating Photo Prints, Posters & Canvas’, Photobooks, Calendars, Greetings Cards or Photo Gifts.

When selecting Photobooks you are greeted with a choice of sizes. I plumped for the Large Landscape Photobook for something a little different, especially when it has a hardback cover – perfect for keeping the pages pristine. Prices for this option start from £27.99 for 26 pages of images. A new screen allows you to start loading the images you wish to use and to also position them on the pages. I really liked the fact you could increase or decrease the sizes of the images, making them different sizes on the page. The quality of paper is fantastic and you have the choice of matt, glossy etc.

It took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish to create the book. The P&P on my chosen product was £4.25 and I was able to pay through Paypal, making the whole process very speedy.

I placed my order at roughly 9pm on 30th May and the finished photobook landed on my doorstep on the 7th June, which is remarkable considering the extended Bank Holiday for the Jubilee Weekend. The delivery was super quick and faultless. I was highly impressed!

On opening, I was blown away by the quality. I included a title on the front cover (included in the price) which is a fantastic inclusion when used as presents, to personalise or simply to record the year for prosperity. Naturally, the quality of the print depends entirely on the quality of the image. The majority of images I used were take on my camera phone which isn’t fantastic quality but still the photobook looks amazing.

I will most certainly be treasuring my images of Liv, it really is something to keep looking back on in the future. The system is very easy to use and for me, personally, having a photobook printed is much easier than selecting individual images to be copied to place in an album. The delivery was outstanding considering the potential delay due to an extended Bank Holiday and I cannot fault the service at all.

Liv and I have already been through several times picking out our favourite images and as Liv keeps running her fingers over the pages I am reassured that nothing will crease or tear accidentally. A fantastic keepsake.

Love the fact 4 mini images can be included on the front cover (personal title has been blurred out)

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