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My Whirlwind Jubilee Bank Holiday

by S1m

Over the lovely extended Jubilee Bank Holiday, I was host to my lovely friend Beth and her family who had made the trip to see Liv and myself. It was a wonderful break from the norm and it was fantastic to finally meet her extremely tall (6ft 10 inches!) partner and their children.

Beth and I have become firm friends over the past two years and met by chance online when I started blogging. Before descending on me a couple of weeks ago, Beth and I had enjoyed a fantastic weekend together at CyberMummy 11 in London and have spoken on the phone every day since. In fact I think I can count on one hand the number of days we haven’t actually spoken on the phone!

She has been a constant in my life through everything that has happened the past 12 months and I really do not know what I would do without her. I owe what little sanity I do have entirely to her! No subjects are barred and I know that I can trust her immensely with anything.

Which is exactly why I trusted her implicitly when it came to moving my blog to self-hosted. Not only did Beth arrange it all for me, setting everything up, making sure I didn’t lose any posts and more importantly retaining my email address but she also let me share her hosting. If anything, sharing hosting has worked out fabulously for us both. Mainly due to the fact that it cuts hosting costs in half for the year. It worked out well for me as Beth is very accustomed to her host and package now and she knew exactly what she was doing. I plied her with lots of wine to say thanks when she was here!

For a total newbie who would have been completely lost with transferring my blog over to self hosted, it really did help that I am such good friends with someone I could trust (with my passwords), someone I had faith in (Beth tried to co-ordinate it all when I was away so I didn’t know it was happening!) and someone who actually knew what they were doing!

I am now two months into being self-hosted and it really was the best decision I ever made. If you have the opportunity to share hosting with a friend it really is a good idea. You can both help each other out and share costs, making it a viable move.

Beth and I continue to speak on the phone every day and I still bombard her with questions about the blog and hosting. Though funnily enough when Beth and her family were at my house, we noticed the phone didn’t even ring once! BT must have thought there was a problem with the line.



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