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Review: Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream

by S1m
Fade Out

I am always trying to turn back time when it comes to my skin and with my impending 30th birthday creeping ever so closer, I have noticed my bathroom filling with Anti Wrinkle creams. Never one for wearing base makeup my skin has treated me well and I can honestly say I have rarely suffered with spots and blemishes. Though I do have creams ready on the off chance I do!
When a lovely pot of Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream (50ml) came to join my array of creams I couldn’t wait to try it out! A cream that nourishes your face has to be fabulous right?

Made with Niacinamide and powerful active naturals (including mulberry and liquorice!), I found the cream to be gentle on my skin and I certainly did not have an adverse reaction, which is a good start. On opening the pot I was greeted with quite a nostalgic fragrance, I cannot quite place it but for some reason the scent reminds me of a cream my Grandma used to use. Reminiscing aside I dipped my finger in the surprisingly thick cream – as this is a Night Cream I fully expected the thicker consistency and I find creams like this have a luxurious feel to them. The Fade Out cream itself was very easy to apply to my skin and absorbed well but left that lovely heavy night cream feeling on your face. The mask like feeling, reassuring you that your face is well and truly nourished.

Does Fade Out Cream Work?

After the first week of waking up with radiant skin in the morning I was starting to notice that my skin had a natural, brighter complexion and it felt thoroughly moisturised as opposed to dry. My skin appears to look a little tighter though I am putting this down to the fact it looks more radiant as opposed to it being tighter. This cream is not advertised as an anti wrinkle cream, it is a cream to diminish the look of skin discolouration, age and sun spots. I was a little dubious at first as I do have freckles over the bridge of my nose and over the years I have grown to appreciate them, they can look cute! Due to this I did not want to lose them, as yet they are still in tact though I do use the cream sparingly in their area.

I would be more than happy to keep using the cream, prevention is better than cure! You are never too young to look after your skin, especially when people are out in the sun without adequate protection, you simply forget what damage the sun can cause. The Fade Out range is a great saviour and I would recommend it for people who do have skin discolouration as it will help reduce dark spots and slow down the formation of further dark spots.

The Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream is just one product from the full range of Fade Out Creams, available from Boots. The Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream is priced at £9.18 per 50ml pot.

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