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Mavala Nail Colours: Delicious Collection – Summery Pastel Shades

by S1m
Mavala Delicious Collection 2012

Mavala is a brand that you may have seen on the shelves of Debenhams and John Lewis but may not be over familiar with. Why not? With a history spanning over 50 years they are world leaders in nail care, something that most certainly appeals to me considering I am a huge fan of anything related to nails!

Mavala Delicious Collection 2012Since my first manicure (in a very long time!) last year I don’t think there are many weeks when I haven’t had an amazing colour on my nails which always proves a talking point with friends. I am more than happy to recommend favourite brands and stunning colours and the Spring Summer Delicious Collection from Mavala is no exception.

Consisting of 6 “candied/pastel” colours, creating a sweet and feminine finish these colours are a must in any nail varnish lovers set! With the choice of Blue Mint, Candy Floss, Fresh Melon, Frozen Berry, Lemon Cream and Pistachio, the colours are fruity, fun, definitely girlie and perfect for finger and toenails this summer – if we actually experience any sun!

I was extremely excited when 3 colours from the range landed on my lap – in the truly iconic 5ml pots (priced at a very reasonable £4.30 each) the colours looked even cuter than expected! I am a huge fan of mini nail varnish pots, they make great stocking fillers and are a fabulous way to test a colour before purchasing a larger pot. Mini pots are also great for taking on holiday with you when you cannot choose one particular colour!

Faced with Blue Mint, Candy Floss and Lemon Cream I was spoilt for choice on which colour to use first!

I found all 3 colours were very similar in the chip proof, coverage and ease of spread tests so here is a roundup…

Colour: Very vibrant, bold pastel shades – perfect for the summer, very striking and certainly received positive comments.

Price: £4.30 for each 5ml pot – I LOVE minature pots, extremely handy and the Mavala range is very reasonably priced for such high quality nail varnish.

Applying the nail colour: The lids are very comfortable to hold as they are Octagonal in shape making them very easy to grip and control the precision of the brush. The brushes themselves are of adequate size and enabled me to spread the varnish over my nail in 3 strokes (for 1 layer) – my nail technician friend has always told me to apply in 3 strokes and I found Mavala polishes covered my nails well. Going back to the shape of the lid – as I am still not 100% precise when applying varnish with my left hand to my right fingernails I found it very easy to do and the varnish spread evenly with the speed at which I was moving. There were no large blobs of varnish that took my by surprise and the brush was responsive when I had to wipe slight excess off inside the bottle.

Smell: Free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal – the polishes actually smell surprisingly ok, they definitely have the unique nail varnish fragrance but it is not overbearing.

Wear and Tear: Considering I had been lifting and manoeuvring washing machines and tumble dryers, mixed in with farm visits, gardening and general being a mum duties all 3 varnishes wore very well. With all 3 colours it was bordering on 3 days wear before any tiny chips were apparent – in fact I kept all the polishes on for a minimum of 5 days each and was hard pushed to notice any shrinkage or cracking. For the purposes of this review I used 2 coats of each colour.

Mavala Delicious Collection

I generally notice that my nails can become slightly brittle and break very easily when wearing varnishes constantly so always have a nail hardener to hand in between colours that ensures my nails stay as tough as old boots! The Mavala formula, which is unique to the nail colours delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breath. A very interesting concept that was put to the test as I went without nail hardener between changing colours and did notice that my nails remained strong and were not as brittle as I was expecting.

All in all the colours are amazing, obviously the 6 shades of the Spring Summer Delicious Collection is only a fraction of the colours available in the range – a definite must try and the shades are a perfect starter for any nail varnish novice.

TOP NAIL TIP: When using nail varnish, always ensure you use a base and top coat – it helps protect your nails and also helps the colour last longer and gives it a glossy coat.

Review samples were sent to me for the purpose of this review, yet the rambling thoughts are all my own!

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Susan Mann July 25, 2012 - 12:01 pm

oooh those are pretty. I must have missed this post when I was on my holibags xx


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