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Things To Do Before I am 30 Years Young!

by S1m

With only 7 months to go until the big 30, I have been busy pondering what to do to mark this special milestone. As yet I have come up with nothing… all except going on holiday and partying till dawn. Though in all honesty I think a night with comfy slippers, a snuggly duvet and a mug of warm Horlicks is more likely!

Whilst the actual plans have gone on the back burner, an article about the 30 books to read before you turn 30 piqued my interest. What should I try and cram in before my birthday? After consultation with friends my list so far includes:

fererro rocherEat as many Ferrero Rocher as possible in a minute: Sounds ridiculous, but the Guinness World Record currently stands at something like 8. I do believe I could at least match that and possibly beat it!

Go on a Road Trip: Where? I have absolutely no idea, isn’t that what Sat Nav’s are for!

Arrange Life Insurance: Sounds depressing but I want to ensure Liv is looked after in the eventuality that my Ferrero Rocher eating attempt goes incredibly wrong!

Attend a Manicure course: Really random but I have a huge love of nail polishes and making sure my nails are in tip top condition. I do think that I am actually quite good at manicuring my own nails, though it would be lovely to hone my skills.

Finally read Catch 22: A book that has been on my “To Read” list for the past 10 years.

Learn how to ski: With the Chill Factore on my doorstep I really do not have any excuse not to and besides I never know who I will bump into when I come tumbling down the slope!

Spend 24 hours in bed: Not as naughty as it may sound… I really would just love to spend 24 hours in bed, sleeping with no interruptions so I can catch up on some much needed beauty sleep!

Find the best anti-ageing cream on the market: That my bank balance will allow me to treat myself to. I want to make sure I prepare myself before everything starts going downhill!

These are just a few ideas that I really should be cracking on with, hopefully I will add to this list and make sure the next 7 months are as action packed as the last 29 years have been!


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