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Fabulous Colour Me In Rice Krispies Fun #ColourMeInRK

by S1m

Well, I never have a problem with Liv at breakfast time, she most certainly takes after me! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (to me anyway) and I always ensure that Liv has eaten enough before we start our day.

Huge fans of cereal in our house, we were thrilled to receive a very large box of Rice Krispies and an amazing set of felt tip pens. I don’t know what Liv was more excited about…. another box of cereal or the array of pens and glitter glue… the pens most definitely won!

Liv is very arty, much more so than I am, I cannot even draw a straight line properly so am always excited to see her creations.

Upon leaving pre-school a few weeks ago all the parents were handed a folder of their child’s achievements from the time they had spent there and Liv’s was absolutely full of amazing (and in some cases questionable!) artwork she had produced in her two years there. Even more heart warming was the fact a lot of the drawings were labelled “For Mummy” :O)

Before Liv was whisked off to her father’s for a month (you read correctly… a month!) we sat down with all the pens and attacked the Colour Me In Rice Krispie box with much gusto. For some reason, Liv decided to colour one character in black clothes, she is too young to understand about grunge yet and quickly used colour changing pens to add pink butterflies to the outfit! The character quickly turned from grunge mode to Hawaiian shirt mode!

It was a great activity we could both enjoy but Liv quickly became bored of me telling her to keep in the lines and moved on to making other artwork with the pens… and dolloping huge glitter glue drops onto a sheet of paper.

My free time is absolutely wonderful, though I am missing Liv more than I could ever describe, I do honestly feel as if I am missing my right arm. Though I have managed to evade any children’s’ tv programmes for the past couple of weeks! The house has remained tidy and I am even managing a lie in or two!

Until Liv’s return I shall make do with walking past the Rice Krispie box which is still on the kitchen worktop and attempt to find the ever elusive Blu-tac in order to pin up her glitter glue masterpiece!

Our finished box…

Britmums very kindly sent us the rather large box of Rice Krispies and fantastic felt tip pen set in order to produce this literary masterpiece and enter the #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kelloggs.


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