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Blind Dates: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by S1m

Blind Dates… love ’em or hate ’em, it’s still a date right?

Can it really be classified as a Blind Date if I have already seen a picture of the person I am supposed to be going on a “blind date” with? I have no idea but I do know that “said” date will result in lots of gossip for a few close friends.

I think my friends have had enough of me moaning about men… and in all honesty I am right there with them! My escapades with men this year have seen me have to fend off a true stalker, deal with the police, wonder what I actually would put in Room 101, giggle every time I see a burrito (and horses come to think of it!), give cheating men a piece of my mind and I can actually now say I do know someone with the name Mike Hunt. Surely no parents in their right mind would be that cruel? Clearly there are some really mean parents out there as the aforementioned gentleman is on the online dating scene. Women beware!

So with Liv being away for a month (I shall reiterate… a whole month!) I ranted that I needed to utilise my time and go on dates. It appears the dating gods listened! Maybe I am becoming less fussy in my old age or maybe it is because there is someone who actually stirs my interest, but I have a date!

I am just hoping my sparkly Purple Shellac nails can hold on so that I can impress. My hair was groomed last week – with added fringe bit that I cannot get used to, hopefully it will play ball! Now I just have to decide on an outfit but that is all venue dependent. Decisions, decisions! This part grates on me, having to come to a final decision that both daters can agree on and feel comfortable with, yet anything that involves a bevvy or two is a winner in my book!

The fact my friend has set me up with someone she knows is quite flattering, it shows we potentially have something in common (and that my friend trusts me!). Apparently in this instance it is our sense of humour. Quite worrying really, considering I have quite a warped sense of humour, but we will just have to see how it goes! I have an awful tendency to come across as closed or more arrogant than normal when I am not relaxed, it’s just my defence mechanism though hopefully with a SoCo down the hatch I will be fine.

One thing I have realised is that I am slowly leaving my crutch behind, not entirely forgotten, just not as reliant on the “what if’s” as I used to be. I guess it will take one hell of a guy to erase the crutch but I am going to have fun trying to find him!

As for all the gory details of the Blind Date…. this lady doesn’t kiss and tell… much 😮

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