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Review: Stunning Montage Photo Canvas Gift from Photo-Canvas

by S1m

When it comes to creating a canvas the hardest part is choosing your favourite image. All images of Liv are precious to me and it is impossible to choose just one so when Photo-Canvas (part of the Contrado group, alongside Bags of Love) gave me the opportunity to create a canvas I need it had to be a montage.

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I have never been great when it comes to any type of design but I found the Photo-Canvas software very easy to use and arrange my chosen images into a lovely montage of Liv. Whilst searching through the endless images I have taken over the past year I noticed some wonderful pictures of Liv with her grandparents (the picture with a shark behind my mum’s head was a classic!). Immediately I knew the canvas would make a great gift for my parents, something that they can hang and view every day. Unfortunately as my parents live in the South of France they do not get to see Liv as often as they would like so I do try to keep them updated with new images and gifts such as photo canvases are a beautiful way to showcase Liv’s magical moments.

The software enabled me to re-size my chosen images as I pleased and even overlap them with the ability to specify which image should overlap another. The general 30cmx40cm montage canvas is priced at £39.99 with prices in the range starting from £29.99. The whole process took less than 30 minutes to re-size 6 images and include them in an order that I was happy with. I plumped for the colour version of the canvas although you can opt for black and white amongst other options. One of the pictures I had chosen, which was taken on my mobile phone was of very low quality and a warning did flash in the software warning me to select another image.

Depending on your preference Photo-Canvas offer lots of options in which to display your special images. Ranging from general canvas prints, to Banksy inspired canvas art, to colour splash to name a few. Obviously all the canvases are available in different sizes to and the price will adapt dependent on the size.

The service I received was outstanding and even if I had not used the service in order for a review purpose, I do believe I would have received the same high level of customer service. The delivery was absolutely second to none! I was shocked when I heard a knock at my door, early on a Saturday morning when I had only placed the order on a Thursday afternoon! I was suitably impressed and if this has been a rushed order I would have felt very reassured.

As you can see from the image, the canvas comes with everything you need in order to easily hang on the wall. With sending the canvas to my parents I shall leave that DIY job to my Father!

The finished article is absolutely stunning and of a high quality, I only wish that I could keep it in order to fill the huge A1 sized canvas gap left from my wedding canvas (good riddance!). However I know my parents will appreciate this amazing gift, even if it does feature Liv in a Chelsea kit!

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