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Blind Date Part Deux: The Not so Good; The Bad and The Ugly

by S1m

Ok, last week I wrote a post regarding a blind date that my “friend” had set me up on. The phrases..

“You are similar in the sense of humour department”

“He is lovely/a really nice guy”

“He is just what you need right now”

“He will hit you over the head and drag you straight back to the man-cave”

were all used to describe the blind date. Man- cave? Seriously? Is that a place that I actually want to venture into?!

The Guy was no Ryan Gosling!!

Anyway, said date went ahead over the weekend and all I can say is… what on EARTH was my “mate” thinking? (It’s my blog and I shall overuse Rabbit Ears if I want to!)

Firstly, as a general rule I do not do Blonde men, nothing against them, they are just not my type. My Little Brown Book certainly does not feature the details of many men with Blonde hair and it is a thick book! I am very much of the tall (goes without saying!), dark and utterly, bloody gorgeous persuasion, albeit there don’t seem to be too many men around that fit that bill in my home town!

Secondly, I have an age limit cap for a reason. Past a certain age it’s very hard to find common ground; conversations can be stilted; different wants from life etc and I generally can’t get away with being the crazy me that I am with someone who is… older than me by several years *cough decade and a half*.

So the date was with a man who is Blonde and several years older than me. I don’t do things by halves!

For what it was, it was fine. As you can see I am attempting to be as diplomatic as possible, am I succeeding? When the date was over, we happily went in different directions to carry on with the whole dating scene.

It made a nice change, made use of my free time and helped me move on from a lot of things. Or so I thought. I actually think that it had the opposite effect on me. The not so great Blind Date certainly made me realise what I want from life and cemented the fact that life is far too short to just “put up” with things just for the sake of it.

Surely in a partner you want that spark to be present… the one you read about in 50 Shades of Grey but didn’t actually realise existed? Well what if you had experienced it, would you let it go or would you do anything in your power to experience it again? Even if it meant playing with fire and 100% certainty of getting burnt. If we all sat back in life and let chances pass us by would we actually get anywhere?

All the athletes who partook in the Olympics are testament to the fact that if you put in the effort you can win Gold, but you will only reap the rewards if you try.

With that in mind, I am going to aim for what I want and World brace yourself, because this lady does not like losing!

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