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My Manic Week

by S1m
Severn Bridge

After a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend spent with my bestest buddy and her family in the South of Wales, Liv and I returned to a manic week, which yet again resulted in Dyson Insulations finding a problem when installing my cavity wall insulation. This was their third attempt. Something is telling me not to do it, that’s for sure!

Recently my mind has been all over the place, especially with a certain situation cropping up that has left me in a quandary. I am not generally one to over think a problem, the advice I mostly give to friends is “go with your gut”, however I cannot heed my own advice on this as I am in two minds. I had quite a deep conversation with my bestest bud regarding visiting a psychic in order to “know” what will happen in my future. Now I am a huge sceptic when it comes to psychic’s, mediums, tarot card readers and the like and I have never been to seen one and never dreamt I would. It turns out my buddy has seen a psychic in the past and things weirdly did come true, she finished with the line she would never see another one again though. Considering you are not able to specify what you prefer to know about, the advice was enough to make me think twice about a visit and it’s something I shall not be doing.

Instead I am going to leave the future in the capable hands of the only thing I believe in… fate. Fate has been kind(ish) to me so far, so I guess I will just have to hope for the best. Everyone who knows me though realises how impatient I am and having to wait for things to pan out is something that drives me round the absolute bend! The fact that I went all “The computer says No” yesterday may just have altered the path on which my life will take. Only time will tell (grrrrr!) if this situation sorts itself out. I just wish someone could look into a crystal ball and tell me how it ends or at least what I should do!

In the meantime fate will have to decide whilst life carries on regardless. I know I will definitely be staying away from sending texts, which could prove difficult as all I want to do is play with my new phone which finally arrived this week. See I told you… crazy week!

With Liv starting at her new school nursery next week my time and therefore my mind is going to be on other things and totally distracted. I am super excited to see Liv on her first day in her super cute uniform and no doubt there will be a blog post with a picture or two!

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