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Review: Gorgeous, Sparkly Shamballa Bracelets from @Cutey

by S1m

I am a lover of shiny, glittery things, unfortunately so is Liv. Which means in our household that most of my shiny, glittery things have been commandeered by my magpie daughter. When Cutey sent me two rather stunning – and may I add shiny and glittery Shamballa bracelets I was immensely relieved that Liv was not here to see them. That meant that I had an opportunity to hold them for more than 10 seconds and actually wear them!

Shamballa bracelets are inspired by the mythical kingdom known as Sambhala in Buddhism and are regarded as a place of peace and happiness. I can most definitely say that I was happy when wearing my bracelets without a little voice asking if she could wear them!

Priced at £18.99 each from the Cutey website, the Shamballa bracelets are available in a wide range of colours which have different meanings. The fashionable jewellery pieces are very now and most definitely add a little something to an outfit. They are perfect to wear during the day for a casual look or to dress up evening attire.

The bracelets are very easy to slip on an off your wrist and can be tightened with the thread fasteners, which feature a bead on each end. I thought this was quite novel and liked the way the beads would click together when I moved my wrist. Well made, with the 9 sparkly beads secured in place with the thick woven thread that interlocks each bead, the bracelets are of high quality.

When the bracelets arrived, both packaged individually, I was amazed that the blue bracelet was an exact colour match with the top I was wearing that day. As you can imagine I slipped it straight onto my wrist ready for a day of dazzling. I have received many complimentary comments about the Shamballa bracelets and have so far only lost one to Liv now that she has returned.

Cutey offer customisable jewellery that can be worn every day. I am a fan of wearing different pieces and randomising jewellery in order to sometimes clash with outfits, for me it has always been a case of accessories making an outfit. I am already a fan of the Cutey website and with Christmas fast approaching will definitely be gifting some Shamballa bracelets to my lovely friends – everyone deserves a little sparkle and what better time than the festive period!

The Meanings of Shamballa Bracelet Colours

Light Blue – Tranquillity, peace and relaxation.
Gold – Bountiful beauty and unparalleled desire.
Silver/White – Clear thoughts and deep mediation.
Gold and Silver – The dream state, and the true thoughts of the inner subconscious.
Multi Coloured – The Unfocused mind, the desire of the human psych to constantly jump from thought to thought.
Pink – The meaning of the pink shamballa bracelet is eternal love, in both our minds and the greater universe.
Red – The red shamballa bracelets meaning is one of courage and bravery, and a will to known the unknown.

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