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Review: Mission Earth… Will you accept the Mission To Save Earth?

by S1m

I love playing educational board games with Liv, it’s a great way for us to interact together and obviously the bonus is that Liv learns whilst having fun.

The Mission Earth board game is an amazing, colourful board game that is both educational and fun – it also makes you think of the reality of what could happen in years to come if we don’t try our best to be environmentally friendly in the present day. When the opportunity arose to review the game, how could I refuse?

The aim of the game is to move around the board as a team, whilst learning about the environment we live in and offloading your carbon footprint tokens so that you are allowed to enter back into the Earth’s atmosphere. The mission should you choose to accept is to become an Earth Hero on a time travelling quest from 2259AD to find your way back to Earth and save it from destruction.

I like the concept of the game as you have to work as part of a team (2-6 players) in order to save a polluted Earth from total destruction.

Liv was slightly too young to fully grasp the ideal behind the game but still enjoyed rolling the dice and listening to instructions. The game is aimed at children over 7 years of age and I would say this is perfect as they are of an age where they will fully understand the game. It will also make children consider how they can be environmentally friendly in everyday life. Even as an adult it really does make you consider the world and the environment around us. I like to think that I am very eco-friendly but still understand that I could do more.

I was really impressed that there was very limited packaging to the game, for an educational game promoting what we can do to be environmentally friendly this was to be expected.

In fact the game board folds and twists and is quite a fantastic concept – it even folds to make a box which holds all of the games components. It is very easy to remove from the outer box, simply by sliding out and carefully unfolding the game board so that it is flat. Again when folding back into the box it is reassuring to know everything is kept together so that nothing is lost.

Which, when the game contains a wooden dice, 8 Earth Hero action figures, 75 small, green carbon footprint tokens, mission statement and rules card (both printed on thick cardboard for longevity) and 212 game cards… yes… you read correctly! A total of 212 game cards in total which feature fun little missions such as “Find something that you have owned for 5 years.”

Very much like standard board games you simply move around the game board by simply rolling the dice and moving the selected number of space and then follow the instructions on the square you land on. Though remember Mission Earth is a board game with a difference!

The game was amazingly produced by High School children as part of their Young Enterprise scheme and is made from 100% recycled board. The game suits 2-6 players which makes it a fantastic board game to sit around and play with family, getting everyone involved and it will ensure you all have fun. I have a feeling this game will prove very popular over Christmas! Priced at £17.99

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