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Lexus RX450h Review Blasphemy On The School Run

by S1m

Lexus RX450h Review

I have been cruising around in the Lexus RX450H for almost a week now and am still finding lots of little “extras” that make me love the car even more.

I was going to write my post on the specifications of the car and how it measures up as a 4×4, however today I found myself in a situation where the safety of the car was paramount and proved its weight in gold.

The greatest advantage to a 4×4 is the height and general size of the vehicle which gives the driver added reassurance that themselves and their passengers will be slightly safer on the roads than a non 4×4 car. The situation this morning required me to slam on the Lexus’ anchors, not that I was going about 10-15mph anyway and watch in horror as another driver thought that he could accelerate and squeeze right past me.

Lexus RX450H Park Assist Warning

In this time the car went into autopilot with the parking assist on the Sat Nav screen flashing and beeping away. A very handy tool that showcases the corner of the car which is a little too close to other objects. With front and rear parking assist (not to mention the rear camera which feeds right through to the Sat Nav screen) it makes slight knocks or bumps that can occur when parking minimal risk.

I would like to compare the car to a tank, especially due to its size, that is how it could appear but once inside and driving along merrily, it appears anything but. Inside the Lexus RX450H it really does feel like a normal car, it is very cosy as well as comfortable and there is certainly plenty of room for all passengers, both front and back. For a comparison, I used to drive a Range Rover which actually felt quite open internally and did actually resemble a large tank.

My parents have thoroughly enjoyed being ferried around in such a luxurious car and their input and opinions have certainly helped me review the car. I was attempting to differentiate whether the RX450H would appeal to men or women – especially mums – more and I have to admit I am slightly biased towards the car appealing to mums. Naturally the car is a golfer’s dream with the super handy option to open the boot with the press of the keycard button or the internal button and with the sleek design, the RX450H would not look out of place on a golf club carpark.

However does the car fit the bill as a family vehicle? Most definitely! With plenty of room in the front and back of the car, there is room for car seats galore. The seats in the back even have the ability to tilt back allowing children in Group 2 car seats the option of tipping their car seat back even further to ensure a comfortable sleep. An excellent idea if travelling on long journeys!

The boot has ample space, as you would expect to store a buggy AND shopping or a very large shop if your child no longer requires a pram! As the boot opens upwards this allows for easy access into the boot, without having to stretch yourself too much, especially as the boot is slightly higher than a normal car.

The fact the car is a Hybrid (def: A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle) so it runs on Petrol (no Diesel version yet) and Electric. Unfortunately as I am unaware of any Electric points in my vicinity I cannot fully test this function however as the car also operates on an Eco mode allowing the engine to cut out when the car is stationary. This is a novelty to me and it has meant that I have been very closely watching the mileage undertaken and the range left in the tank. (Urban: 43.5mpg – source Lexus.co.uk) Considering the size and 3.5l engine the Lexus RX450H is offering better mileage than my Jaguar X Type 2.5l. For about town driving when you find yourself stuck in the monotonous stop-start traffic the Eco mode is absolutely invaluable. The vehicle really does offer outstanding fuel efficiency, which is reflected with the £125 annual road tax. A bargain considering how much I currently pay.

Returning back to the safety aspect the RX450H comes complete with Driver and Front Passenger 2 stage airbags, knee airbags and Thorax Abdomen Pelvis extended side airbags with head protection, with rear passenger side airbags and curtain shield airbags as standard across all models in the range. Again I really do have to hone in on the height aspect, the Lexus RX450H is quite obviously larger than most cars on the road and this puts the driver at an advantage of seeing other vehicles and any obstacles ahead. The car is also easily visible to other drivers on the road.

Although the goon today clearly couldn’t see either myself in the Lexus RX450H nor a double decker bus… maybe I should have suggested a trip to SpecSavers!


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Lexus RX450H

Lexus RX450H – #MumOnTheMove

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Beth March 15, 2018 - 9:43 pm

What a bloody gorgeous car! I love it! ❤️


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