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Make A Difference With A Job In The Social Care Profession

by S1m

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind as Liv started at full time nursery meaning I had more spare time. What have I actually filled my spare time with? Work of course! As a single, work at home mum my free time is fully dedicated to work, that includes the nights and some weekends too.

It has been a hard slog since September though the pay check at the end of each month has definitely made me proud as the fruits of my hard labour pays off. Working from home does have its advantages, such as flexibility especially when working around Liv but one of the major and only disadvantages is feeling quite lonely. Working on your own, surrounded by your own 4 walls can sometimes feel quite monotonous and you welcome any outside interference. The camaraderie is something I definitely miss about working in an office environment.

I have looked into the Care work profession which can offer flexible shift work depending on your circumstances. It would be a role that would certainly get me out and about and meeting people again, though as I am currently snowed under with work I shall have to put this idea on the back burner. The main advantage for me would be the ability to factor in childcare and the fact that most of the customer service experience I have would mean I can easily transfer my skills over to a care position.

Admittedly there are some days when I feel it would be much easier to go back working in a full time position, where my monthly wage is guaranteed and all the nice perks are a motivation. Though in today’s climate, with many more applicants for available jobs it is much harder to find the perfect role and especially one that fits in with mine and Liv’s current lifestyle.

If you are looking for a new job, here are some tips to help you:

Always keep an up to date CV – every 8 weeks or so check over your CV and make sure it is up to date with new information. If you have a new qualification through your current role or have been given extra responsibilities make sure you include this information. It makes it easier for you to remember and also saves means your CV is up to date if you happen across your perfect job.

Sign up to Job sites – there are many job sites available that are updated daily with new job vacancies. The majority of these sites have the option of signing up to their vacancy newsletters which land straight into your inbox. Opt in for a daily email alert if possible to ensure you keep on top of any new job opportunities.

If you have a preferred company in mind that you wish to work for, research their company website as many companies do have a section on the website that updates with their job vacancies.

Prepare a basic application template which can be tailored to each specific role you apply for. Having this to hand will save precious time when searching.

Always keep your eyes and ears peeled and mention your intentions to friends as you never know when an exciting job opportunity will arise.


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