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Review: CBeebies The Album – The Perfect Stocking Filler

by S1m

Whether it be Christmas cheer or the fact that I am actually starting to mellow out with old age, I have recently allowed Liv to listen to her own music in my car. Liv gets the choice of tv programmes but in my car, I choose the music, which has recently been Reggae. Very random!

CBeebies The AlbumThough for the past week or so Mini Me and I have been listening to the delightful music on the newly launched CBeebies “The Album”. A 2 disc album featuring 50 of the most loved songs from programmes featured on the CBeebies channel and the presenters themselves. I do not think I shall ever, for the rest of my life, forget the words to ‘Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon’. I dread to think how many times I have listened to that song over the years! I always find Mini Me feels comforted by the song and it is an indicator that bedtime is almost upon her.

The theme tune to ‘Justin’s House’ rings out as soon as you start the CD and is for me is the natural choice to start the album. Mini Me is a huge Justin fan and as such, it did take several attempts for us to move onto track number 2 (Baby Jake – The Yacki Song) as I had to keep replaying track number 1! This album is definitely a must have for any CBeebies fan and makes a perfect stocking filler!

Available from Amazon, Sainsburys, HMV and more… Launched on 5th November 2012.

The full playlist:

Disc 1
1. Justin’s House Theme Tune
2. Baby Jake The Yacki Song
3. Iconicles Theme Tune
4. Rastamouse Theme Tune (Give It Up For Da Easy Crew)
5. Abadas My Name Is…
6. Mike The Knight Theme Tune
7. Mr Bloom s Nursery Meet The Veggies
8. Gigglebiz Theme Tune
9. In the Night Garden… Theme Tune
10. Big & Small Theme Tune
11. Timmy Time – Theme Tune
12. Everything’s Rosie – Theme Tune
13. Woolly & Tig Theme Tune (I Love Woolly)
14. Andy’s Wild Adventures Theme Tune
15. Grandpa In My Pocket Boom A Boom Whoop Zing Zoo
16. Tweenies Theme Tune (Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play?)
17. Alphablocks Theme Tune
18. Cloud Babies Theme Tune
19. Tree Fu Tom Theme Tune
20. Something Special Theme Tune (Hello Song) (2012 Version)
21. Cbeebies Presenters Summer Song
22. Cbeebies Presenters Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon
23. Cbeebies Presenters Winter Song
24. Cbeebies Presenters The Big Fun Time Song
25. Cbeebies Presenters Christmas Song

Disc 2
1. Rastamouse Hot Hot Hot
2. Abadas Medley (Abadas Song / Let s Play / I Found The Word / Goodbye Song)
3. The Lingo Show Theme Tune
4. Show Me Show Me Momo s Song
5. Mike The Knight Huzzah For Glendragon
6. Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Theme Tune
7. 64 Zoo Lane Theme Tune
8. Charlie and Lola Bestest In The Barn
9. Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Theme
10. Num Tums Theme Tune
11. Zingzillas Do You Didgeridoo
12. Guess With Jess Theme Tune
13. Tinga Tinga Tales Theme Tune
14. Balamory Theme Tune
15. Mr Bloom’s Nursery The Finale Song
16. Big Barn Farm Theme Tune
17. Mister Maker I m A Shape
18. Waybuloo Time For Yogo
19. 3rd & Bird Theme Tune
20. Nina and the Neurons – Go Engineering Song
21. CBeebies Presenters It s The Weekend
22. CBeebies Presenters The Discovery Song
23. CBeebies Presenters Lunchtime Song
24. CBeebies Presenters The Birthday Song
25. CBeebies Presenters The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight (2012 Version)

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1 comment

Aly (@plus2point4) November 10, 2012 - 3:30 pm

There’s no Autumn song!!! That’s the best Cbeebies song ever.A stocking filler for my 4 year old I think.


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