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The Christmas Presents Are All Wrapped Up This Year!

by S1m

All Wrapped Up With Disney

Christmas presents in our house are always easy to buy… mainly due to the fact I really only have Liv to buy for but also down to the fact that I know she will love anything that is Disney related!

As I love to wander around the Disney store, surely that is a win-win situation!

This year is no exception with some fabulous presents already bought and stored, now comes the arduous task of choosing which presents to give Liv for Christmas and which to give her for her birthday… a couple of days after Christmas!

Ask Liv who her favourite Disney character is and the reply will be immediate, there really is no contest at all when it comes to Minnie Mouse. She is obsessed and cannot go anywhere without her personalised Minnie Mouse teddy I bought for her before we visited Disneyland Paris when she was 18 months old. Minnie has been a constant in her life ever since and has the usual marks you would expect, I even had to sew Minnie’s blanket back to her hand recently. FYI, there is a reason I do not do any type of embroidery!

Disneyland Paris was an amazing experience and we got to meet the loveable Minnie along with her many friends. Eeyore happened to be my favourite, the cute, cuddly, hapless donkey from the Winnie The Pooh tales.

It really is a magical place for both children and adults alike, I cannot tell you how many times I ran back around to rejoin the Space Mountain queue! I will definitely take Liv back there when she is a little older and can remember and enjoy more. We may even try camping near Disneyland Paris next time for a little adventure! Hopefully one day we will be able to make the huge leap of visiting Disneyland Orlando. Having been there twice myself I know how awesome it is and there is no doubt Liv will love the atmosphere even more than I do!

As for my favourite Disney film and character? A hard question as all of the films are equally amazing but it would have to be Bambi, an oldie, but a goodie and guaranteed to make me wail every time!

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