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Review: PackMate Vacuum Storage Bags – Finding Extra Space @Pack_Mate

by S1m

Space is at an all time premium in our household. We always seem to have more bits and bats than places to hide put them. Clothes are something else, no content with wardrobes and drawers I also resorted to folding clothes into plastic tubs under my bed. Therefore making my under bed area look messy – not exactly inviting when you are a single lady!

When PackMate kindly sent me a selection of their vacuum storage bags for the purpose of this review, it gave me the excuse I needed for a very belated spring clean.

There are clothes I have no worn for years but do not want to part with, so these were the perfect items to store away, it was just a case of finding them! I started with the High Volume Vacuum Storage Tote, perfect for tidying under my bed and therefore creating more space. The fact it is stackable is a bonus!

Filling the rather large bag was relatively easy for me and once compressed (with the use of the vacuum sucking out the area) and inserted in the tote I sat back and realised I had cleared out 2 large plastic tubs AND 3 drawers. Amazing! I was shocked and could not believe I had not considered vacuum storage bags before. Liv has loved the extra free space to use under my bed and has been busy making dens and hiding all her teddies under there. As for the cleared drawers… I have once again started to fill them up again with new gubbins! 🙁

The range I still have yet to use includes Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag (perfect for winter coats!), Volume Storage (double the capacity of flat bags), Roll/Vacuum bags for Travel/Storage (handy option for keeping clothes safe in suitcases), Flat Storage bags. These will all be put to good use as I still have more clothes than I know what to do with and funnily enough more clothes than hangers!

I couldn’t recommend vacuum storage bags highly enough, if you struggle with space like I do, then these really are for you. The recommendation is to store for 6 months then check on the storage bag. If a re-vacuum is required then it is simple and quick enough.

The High Volume Storage Tote looks very neat and tidy under my bed and has a lovely ripple effect to it, making it look funky. The clear storage bag is cleverly hidden inside the black tote to disguise contents.

The products come with a 5 year guarantee and each bag also has a plastic, white slider which seals the bag before vacuum use. If you accidentally misplace your sliders, you can apply for new ones FREE from the Pack Mate website. I really am impressed with the service they offer even after receiving the product. That coupled with the high quality products offered, means PackMate gets my seal of approval!

PackMate Vacuum Storage Bags

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Susan Mann (@susankmann) December 4, 2012 - 11:10 am

I need to get myself some of these x


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