O Christmas Tree… Decorating Our Tree

You may have noticed that our Christmas tree is already up in our household this year. Slightly a little earlier than planned as Liv could not wait any longer. So here I am, sat writing this post, gazing at my lovely, new, artificial Christmas tree. Oh, how I long for a real Christmas tree, though with a dog and a curious 3 year old who likes to swap the baubles around, it simply is not practical at the moment.

Artificial Christmas TreeI cannot say that I have a particular colour theme going on, it’s a case of anything goes…within reason! Purple, pink, glitter and sparkly baubles are in abundance, layered with thick pink and gold tinsel. I did have a look around our local Home Bargains at their Christmas decorations last week but unfortunately could not update my tinsel as they didn’t have any, I should have nipped into B&Q whilst I was there too. Most of the baubles have sentimental value and I like to add a brand new bauble from our local Newbank Garden Centre every year. Even the dog has her own Christmas tree baubles! Extremely random but all the decorations on the tree actually complement each other.

My new tree is a recent treat after having our old artificial tree for many years, it was about time we had the new addition. A pre lit Christmas tree would have been so much easier, though dangling the lights around the tree is something I love to do. Even if I needed to take the lights off and start from scratch again as I was left with excess wire. It didn’t matter though as Liv really did enjoy dressing the tree.

It is so magical now that she is of the age where she is more aware of Christmas and what it means. In her mind Christmas means Father Christmas and 5 presents, that has all she has asked for, bless her cotton socks! If I had have known that before I started buying presents, it could have worked out a cheap do for me! All I know is, we will have a wonderful Christmas, hopefully with lots of snow!

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