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Sponsored Video: Feel Inspired With Boots ‘Let’s Feel Good’ Christmas Advert

by S1m

With Christmas just around the corner, I find, as with every year that my problem isn’t the fact I have left present buying till the last minute. Oh no, those are all arranged throughout the year! My problem is that I leave the wrapping till the last minute and when looking at the pile of goodies that needs to be wrapped I cannot help but put it off until the next day!

One of my favourite shops to spend my hard earned cash in every year is Boots, not only do they have fantastic offers (3 for 2) but you can also collect Advantage points with extra points available on selected days too. Perfect for collecting and saving up to send in the Christmas sale… I can’t help being a bargain hunter!

Christmas adverts are the big thing at the moment and this year Boots have surpassed themselves with the lovely concept of using real life families in their adverts. The message is ‘Let’s feel good’ and with an Elton John backing track, you can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit.

People can spend hours deliberating over the perfect gift to give a loved one and sometimes it can be as simple as gifting a present that will keep on giving and possibly inspire.

Liv asked me the other day what I want Father Christmas to bring me, my response was easy… ‘A King’ I replied. This was meant with a frown and the very serious reply… ‘Boots don’t sell Kings, how about some mascara instead?!’ Definitely inspired!

If you haven’t already had a chance to view the Boots Christmas advert please view the Sponsored Video below…

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