Home Christmas List The Christmas List Is Long Enough Without Comparing Home Insurance! #spon

The Christmas List Is Long Enough Without Comparing Home Insurance! #spon

by S1m
Artificial Christmas Tree

If you didn’t already realise, Christmas is this month… just over 12 days away! Where on Earth has this year gone? I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, though considering everything that has happened, I am glad it has gone quickly.

The only disadvantage to this time of year (besides the darker nights and cold weather) is the fact my ‘To Do List’ appears to double in things to do overnight. My list currently includes…

·        Order the Christmas meat – this goes without saying! My parents will be over at Christmas so yet again I shall be preparing a lovely Christmas lunch. We prefer a selection of meats as opposed to turkey so I shall no doubt be spending a lot of time in the kitchen!

·        Compare Home Insurance – so important, so easy to do, yet I constantly put it off! A necessity to have, especially at Christmas! ·        Catch up on work and blog posts – my backlog list (yes another list!) is even longer than my ‘To Do List’ and is so scary I have to glance at it through squinted eyes. That too seems to increase in size on a daily basis.

·        Find a lovely bloke to help me make use of mistletoe – ok so visions of George Michael’s Last Christmas seem a tad farfetched, though surely it isn’t too hard to find a decent bloke to enjoy a couple of glasses of mulled wine with? After the year I have had with men I can state that it is very hard! I am certainly not finding jokes about a man in my Christmas cracker funny anymore and anyone who dares mention it will be on the receiving end of an evil glare and tut!

·        Make Christmas special – this most certainly has the top spot. Making Christmas special for Liv is the ultimate. I am a huge softie and absolutely adore Christmas, especially when it snows so for Liv to enjoy Christmas is hugely important to me. With her birthday a couple of days afterwards I have to work extra hard to differentiate between the two, as it is hard to celebrate your birthday surrounded by Christmas decorations. I am fully aware of this as my Dad’s birthday is on Christmas Eve!

Well I can no longer put my list off, so whilst I have time I should really go and make some head way… Wish me luck!

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